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Glass manicure: features, technology, ideas

The glass manicure was invented by Koreans, and this discovery instantly scattered around the world. This type of nail design is very common in our country.

glass manicure

He looks very impressive, making an impressionprofessional. Of course, in order to get these marigolds, it's easiest to go to the salon. Many people do just that. But in fact it is not so difficult to make a glass manicure at home as it may seem. Let's try to understand all the subtleties of the process.

All you need

For work, we do not need broken glass. We will imitate it with pieces of holographic cellophane.

glass manicure photo

We need the following:

  • lacquer base;
  • varnish color;
  • colorless;
  • lacquer-fixative;
  • holographic cellophane;
  • scissors;
  • tweezers.

If you decide to make a glass manicure, photos step by step will clearly demonstrate the sequence of the process and help you to understand its intricacies.


First of all, we cut the cellophane into pieces of the necessary shape and size. While we are engaged in training, we will postpone them to the side.

 glass manicure photo step by step


We carry out all the standard procedures:we remove the cuticle, we cut the nails, giving them the same shape and length, we file with a nail file or we process with a bass. Degrease the nail plates - this will greatly facilitate the work. We cover the nails with a layer of base varnish, so that the manicure lasts longer.

glass manicure how to do

Set the color

The next step is applying the lacquer of the main color.It is from him will depend on the shade of the finished work. Think about how you want to see it. Perhaps, a rich gamma: cherry, dark blue, chocolate? Or maybe you decide to do without it at all, leaving your natural nails? The marigolds processed in this technique will look like translucent ice.

glass manicure at home

Glass texture

We give the base colored varnish a good dry. It is necessary that the result is neat.

Apply a thin layer of clear lacquer.It will work as an adhesive. Carefully put on the nail pieces of cellophane, forming a pattern at your discretion. All the segments protruding beyond the edges of the nail plate are then simply cut with scissors, but for the time being they should not be distracted.

glass manicure at home
We fix the result

When all the "fragments" are placed where they areand place, you can proceed to the final stage of the process. In order that they do not come off the nail and do not scatter, we put a layer of varnish-fixer on top of the cellophane pieces.

glass manicure

That's it, our glass manicure is ready. The photos allow you to see how spectacularly it looks.

Alternative method

If the process of gluing piecesHolographic film seems too complicated for you and you are afraid to not cope with the task, make a glass manicure with the help of special stickers for nails, imitating fragments. They are sold in sets in nail design stores. It's very easy to work with them.

Sort the labels according to their sizes.Carry out all the necessary preliminary procedures: trim nails, cuticles, degrease the surface. Cover the nails with a layer of base lacquer of the desired color and let it dry. Take stickers one at a time, using a pair of tweezers, lower it into the water. When the paper is impregnated with water, the decorative layer will easily separate from the substrate and it can be glued to the nail. Do this carefully and carefully.


In order to make a glass manicure, you canto use services of masters on shellac. Lac-gel is very resistant, keeps on the nails for weeks. The technology itself is indistinguishable from working with conventional nail polish, with the only difference being that each layer of shellac must be dried under a special lamp. Of course, it is better to entrust such a manicure to a professional.

Unusual ideas

With this technology, you can make everydaymanicure, which in itself will look very impressive and catchy. This idea also fits perfectly for the festive design of nails. By the way, it is not necessary to cover with "splinters" all ten nails. You can beat the idea, when a special ornament is applied only on some of the nails, the rest are covered with a one-color contrast lacquer.

For evening manicure you can useadditional decorations: rhinestones, half-beads, decorative stripes. This makes it possible to get a very beautiful and unusual glass manicure. The photo is a good example.

glass manicure

Another spectacular way - a tandem glass manicure and a jacket, when the "fragmentation" coating is applied only to the overgrown part of the nail.


Made with ordinary varnish glassA manicure will last on the nails for several days. See if the corners of the "fragments" are peeling off; if necessary, glue them. Periodically wipe the surface of the nail, removing plaque.


У новичков возникает множество вопросов про glass manicure. How to make such an unusual coating, we have already figured out, and now let's talk about how to get rid of it when the time comes. After all, there is nothing worse than unkempt nails, partially peeling!

In order to remove the coating, we will need cotton wool and a liquid that dissolves varnish. It is better to choose without acetone.

Apply liquid to a bundle of cotton, attach tonail, hold down and leave for a while. Regular wiping may not be enough. Let the solvent soak. When the coating softens, remove it.