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An interesting idea of ​​manicure at home

The idea of ​​a manicure at home

Every girl or woman wants to have beautifuland well-groomed nails. But, unfortunately, not everyone has enough time and money to visit specialized manicure salons. Therefore, ladies often resort to manicure at home. Read if you are looking for an interesting article on the topic: "The idea of ​​manicure: at home, but as in a beauty salon." You will learn how to make your marigolds beautiful with the help of available tools!

The original idea of ​​a manicure: in the home, made with his own hands

Two manicure ideas will be presented in the article.How do they differ from others? First, the ability to use a variety of bright colors, such as red, orange, yellow. Secondly, the opportunity to use sequins (crumbly or varnish with sparkles).

"Elven" manicure

simple ideas for manicure
This bright manicure consists of two maincolors - red and green. They are perfectly combined with each other. The main advantage of having this idea of ​​a manicure at home is ease of execution. You will need: a base for varnish, a red varnish, a green varnish, a white varnish with a fine brush, a black varnish with a fine brush, a golden varnish with a fine brush and any fixer for the varnish. Bring your nails in order and cover them with one layer of the base under the manicure. Depending on the consistency of the varnish, apply one or two times the green varnish on all the fingers, except for the nameless. On the nameless, apply a red lacquer. Then on top of the red lacquer draw a white strip (like a French manicure) and draw down one more (in the middle, vertical). Wait a few minutes. Take a black lacquer with a thin brush and on top of the red and green lacquer paint white horizontal strips (about one millimeter) in the center of the nails. Allow to dry. After add small squares golden lacquer, like a belt buckle on the belt (see picture). At the end, cover the marigolds with a fixer. "Elven" manicure is ready!

We realize the ideas of manicure with our own hands: "Herringbone"

manicure ideas with your own hands
Consider the second option.This idea of ​​a manicure, at home, embodied, looks very nice. A set of varnishes is still small: base and fixer, white, red, green. Cover the nails with a fixer and one or two layers of white lacquer. On an anonymous finger, use a thin brush to paint the tree in green. On each of the nails (except for the nameless) draw a "garland". In the line of the French manicure with dotted dots, make small dots alternating red and green colors (see the picture). Cover with a fixer.

Simple ideas for manicure

Manicure should not be very challenging, but alldepends on your taste. Beige, pale pink, pale blue and other similar tones are great. It will be very nice to look like a normal French manicure. You can also use a variety of drawings, sequins, but in moderation. Also, do not forget about accessories (rings, bracelets, etc.), which will give the image integrity and originality. We hope that you liked at least one idea of ​​manicure at home from the ones we have presented.