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Pink matte manicure: ideas and advice

For every woman who aspires to bebeautiful always and everywhere, manicure is of the utmost importance. Someone adheres to classical views on the beauty of the hands, and someone follows the novelties in the world of neil art, striving to implement the most current trends. Some kinds of manicure attract both those and others. A vivid example - a pink manicure, made of matte varnish. Today it is at the height of popularity, but it is unlikely that it will someday be out of fashion. He looks stylish and will be relevant in almost any situation.

pink matt manicure

Pink matte manicure has some features, which our article will tell.

Trend of the new season

The main "chip", which does not lose ground over the last couple of years, is matte coatings. It's not just about nail polish, but also about lipstick, shadows, cosmetic pencils.

Что касается цветовой гаммы, в моду вернулись quiet muted shades, reminiscent of petals of peonies. Try to give preferences to such colors if you want to make a pink matte manicure. The photos presented in our article will help to present these shades visually.

Color combination

If the pink matte manicure seems to you tooordinary, beat the idea of ​​a "special" nail. It is enough to paint 2-3 nails from ten lacquer of another shade, as the effect will be much more elegant. With pink, the following shades harmonize perfectly:

  • the black;
  • white;
  • Gray;
  • the color of the sea wave, sky blue;
  • herbaceous green, olive, salad;
  • almost all shades of purple and lilac;
  • gold and silver.

But the main advantage is that inthe performance of such a manicure is extremely simple. You do not need to have artistic skills or buy a special tool. You will only need varnishes of different colors.

Unusual idea of ​​a jacket

The following illustration shows the variationFrench manicure, the main part in which plays a muted shade of pink. Dullness gives the design even more refinement and refinement. And the contrasting strips play, like a perky note in a classic game.

Pink Frosted Manicure Photo

To make such a manicure, you will need applicators and very thin brushes. You can buy everything you need in the departments for nail design.

Pink matt manicure for a special occasion

On holiday, some women choose especiallyeffective and pretentious ideas for manicure. But there are times when there is simply no time to prepare. For example, if it is an event for which you will go after work. Black-and-pink matt manicure will look organically and with a business suit, and with an evening gown.

But if you have the opportunity to preparein advance, you can afford and something more outstanding. For example, to supplement the manicure with rhinestones. In this case, you should not show excessive zeal. Choose small pebbles of good quality. It is not necessary to glue too many rhinestones, in most cases their abundance is cheaper than a manicure. But a few stylish stones will give your hands a refined look.

gray pink matt manicure

About the length of nails

Professional masters adviseguided by one simple rule: to the long nails are suitable low-key calm shades, and to short - bright and dark colors. Pink looks good on nails of any length. It will suit the owners of the elongated form.

Gray-pink matte manicure is a great idea forNails of medium length. This wonderful combination looks very feminine. If you have long nails, pay attention to ash-pink varnishes. And for girls who like small marigolds, an idea with a painting can be especially successful, especially if the drawing is longitudinally placed. The manicure will look harmonious.


If with the application of the usual varnish all more or lessit is clear, then on the gel should be discussed in detail. Our step-by-step instruction will help you to make a manicure no worse than in the salon. Of course, you will need the necessary equipment and tools: a lamp for drying, manicure accessories, and if you plan to paint, then still applicators and brushes.

black pink matt manicure

  1. Carry out the necessary hygienic procedures: apply the cuticle, treat the skin of the fingers.
  2. Walk on the nail plates with a buffing buff so that the surface becomes even.
  3. Degrease with alcohol or nail polish remover.
  4. Cover the nails with a base and dry it under the lamp. Usually 2-3 minutes is enough.
  5. Apply the first layer of the gel coating, retreating 0.5 cm from the cuticles and skin. Dry under the lamp as much as the lacquer manufacturer indicated on the package.
  6. Apply a second layer, from the cuticle itself. The tip must be "sealed", completing the movement of the brush not on the surface of the nail, but on the butt. Dry the second layer.
  7. The last step is applying and drying the fixer.
  8. Treat the skin around the nail plates with a nutritious cream or oil. Allow the absorbent to soak.

How to choose jewelry

Well-groomed hands are not just a manicure.Nails should be a harmonious tandem with rings and bracelets. A pink matte manicure can be an excellent pair for almost any decorations, from everyday costume jewelry to luxury jewelry with diamonds. If you decide to wear a ring with a stone, its color should be in harmony with the rose.

It is necessary to avoid a dangerous combination of gold and silver. If one of these metallic colors is used in the design of the manicure, it is better to decorate the decorations in the same color.