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Manicure with a sponge - unusual ideas in simple execution!

Manicure with sponge - not only unusual, but also verysimple way to quickly and originally decorate your nails. Especially this option is suitable in the case when there is no time for visiting the salon. Agree, any girl wants to look stylish and keep pace with the times.

Manicure with sponge
Such creative manicure is the dream of everya modern woman who watches the condition of her nails. To create such a masterpiece on your pens will not be very difficult. How to perform such a manicure? Quite simply!

First of all, prepare all necessarytools, namely: nail files, wooden cuticle sticks, varnish base, varnishes of different colors, acrylic paints, colorless varnish and a foam sponge or cosmetic sponge.

Manicure with a sponge with the effect of a smooth transition includes the following stages:

Creative Manicure
1. Prepare the nails to apply the base. With the help of a wooden stick, carefully remove the extra cuticle near the nail roller.

2. Give the nails the necessary shape, grind and degrease the surface (do it very carefully and gently).

3. Apply an even layer of base under the varnish and wait until it completely dry.

4. Choose a few shades of lacquer dense texture. It is preferable to choose colors from one color palette. It should be noted that red manicure is still in vogue.

5. Lightly moisten the foam sponge. To do this, soak it in water.

6.Apply to the tip of the sponge a small drop of the varnish of the chosen shade. With a light and precise movement, press the edge of the sponge to the nail. In this case, the varnish should not spread and spread. It is imprinted, leaving a fine pattern of spongy material.

7.After the first layer completely dries, you can proceed to apply the next. On the clean edge of the sponge drip a drop of varnish and do the same manipulations, applying it not on the entire surface of the nail, but only half or on the edge.

8. After drying out the last layer, apply a colorless varnish on it.

Also manicure with a sponge with the transition of flowers can beperform a little differently. To do this, it is necessary to apply two shades of varnish on a small sheet of foil and mix them with a toothpick or needle. After that, blot the sponge with lacquer and apply neat movements to the nail.

Red manicure
Manicure with a sponge - creating a picture

1. Prepare the nails for applying the base coat. Cover them evenly with a layer of base, after which the colored varnish is at your discretion.

2.Wait until the last layer is completely dry. Extrude a little acrylic paint on the sponge, press it against the nail exactly in the place where the drawing was planned, and hold for a few seconds. If necessary, repeat this manipulation. Choose material of different texture and porosity.

3. Apply a coat of colorless lacquer.

To create the perfect manicure you needa little experiment with different shades of colored varnishes, try in practice sponges of different textures. Also, be patient, because the first time it is difficult to achieve the desired result. In this case, it takes a bit of skill and skill!