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Manicure burgundy with a design: ideas and photos

Хотите сделать эффектный и модный маникюр?Burgundy color will be a godsend for you. This noble rich color is not easy to use, but the result is worth it. It is not the first year that it is extremely popular and is used both in everyday manicure, and in complex works of nail art for special exits. In this article you will find many beautiful ideas for skilled workers with different skill levels - from beginners to professionals.

For beginners: easy-to-perform manicure

Bordeaux color requires, above all, a neatapplication. If it will be ugly to go beyond the edges of the nail plate or if it paints the cuticle, the attractiveness of the appearance of the nails will greatly diminish.

Next we will bring ideas that will be easyrepeat novice nail art. They are based on the same varnish coating of the same color and simple decor, which does not take a lot of time and does not require special skills.

"Special finger" - this is the whole direction of nail art,which allows you to diversify the original standard manicure. The idea is that one nail on the hand is not painted like everyone else. There are lots of ways to implement this idea. One of the simplest and most effective is the combination of different textures and colors, without the use of patterns, rhinestones and other decor. For example, 4 nails are covered with just a dark varnish, and the nail on the ring finger is a golden shiny varnish or clear varnish and sparkles. This burgundy manicure on short nails looks no less elegant than on long ones.

manicure claret

The idea can be developed. For example, put a toothpick neat dots of color 1 nail at the base of the 4 remaining nails.

Additional decor

Rhinestones and other elements for nail decorationeasy to buy in many stores with cosmetics. They are inexpensive and allow you to instantly change the appearance of the manicure. Learning to use them is easy, and the ways of using them are endless.

For example, to repeat the beautiful burgundymanicure with rhinestones, you just need to make up your nails and carefully put tweezers through the strasses with tweezers. Do not forget to use the finish coat, so that the result of your work lasted longer.

burgundy manicure with a design

Matte varnish deep burgundy color in itself looks very attractive. And small golden rhinestones favorably complement it and give it a twist.

Non-standard French manicure

Bordeaux color will transform the appearance of this classic technique. Here's how you can beat it:

  • Bordovy manicure with gold - is a win-wina way to draw attention to the hands. This classic combination looks royal. But that it does not become too bright and tasteless, you need to be particularly careful about the design of the drawing on the nails. Restrained and elegant aesthetics of the French manicure will be here at the right time. Cover the main part of the nail with a lacquer with a beautiful, deep color, and carefully tint the tip with gold lacquer. This nail art will be appropriate in everyday life, and with an evening gown.
    burgundy manicure photo
  • There are two more options for this manicure.The first is to paint the tips of the nails with black color. And the second will appeal to lovers of light colors - this spectacular, but at the same time quite natural manicure made with the help of beige and burgundy lacquer. The ideal solution for everyday work.
  • "Inverted" French manicure - claretthe color here again acts as the main one, but instead of bringing the top line of the "smile", it is necessary to delineate the "smile" with a pink or beige color at the base of the nail. This idea looks fresh, and a rich varnish emphasizes the non-standard design. You can make a manicure more graphic if you replace the semicircle with an acute angle.
    beautiful burgundy manicure

For experienced craftsmen

Следующие идеи потребуют опыта в нейл-арте, because they include more sophisticated techniques, for the successful use of which you need to fill your hand well or visit a beauty salon. Here are some interesting examples:

  • The burgundy manicure with the design of flowers made in the technique of acrylic modeling looks very attractive, because a light gentle pattern softens the severity of a saturated color-base.
  • The fashion includes patterns that seem to open"Bare" is not painted nail plate. An example of them can be this original manicure, in which they first used the base without shine, and then carefully applied a dark varnish, in accordance with the chosen pattern.
    claret manicure with gold
  • Continue to consider the topic of "special nail." If you are good at thin drawings, then you can paint an anonymous finger with bizarre patterns.
    burgundy manicure on short
  • А вот такой маникюр, вдохновленный модным домом Chanel, involves several of the previously listed techniques. There is also decor with rhinestones, brooches, and thin contrasting lines of gold color, and a neat pattern of "chicken legs."
    burgundy manicure on short

Effective color transitions

Gradient is a very interesting technique that will help to make a stunning burgundy manicure. The photo will prove the truth of this statement:

burgundy manicure with a design

Here are used two varnishes - burgundy and black.If it seems to you that the gradient between such dark colors looks rather gloomy, then use a beautiful top cover. Sequins, give the design a cosmic shine and make it enigmatic and spectacular.

Festive exit

Вы уже пробовали делать интересный нейл-арт и ready to accept the challenge and show your skills? How do you get the idea to make a chic and elegant burgundy manicure? The photo of this magnificent design will certainly prompt you to repeat something like this:

burgundy manicure with a design

Of course, you have to work hard:make a neat gradient on two nails and even stripes on two more. But the ring finger will allow you to rest a little - you just have to cover it with a sparkling varnish.

For skilful artists

If you can draw on nails with a thin brush, then you can repeat these ideas:

  • Bordovy manicure with web design isThe original version of the nail design, which will be particularly appropriate for thematic parties. The silver pattern with sparkles stands out clearly on the dark, saturated background of almost matt varnish.
  • Delicate roses acquire a special beauty, too, due to the contrast of two different colors.
    burgundy manicure with a design
  • Leopard pattern - this is perhaps the most popular animalistic prince, which is associated with femininity and seductiveness.
    burgundy manicure with a design
    In combination with burgundy color, it acquiresa special piquancy, so not to make a manicure too provocative, it is better to place a pattern on the principle of French manicure, giving the main area of ​​the nail to a single-colored coating.