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Manicure yourself is not difficult!

Stronger than a short skirt, attract a manfloor beautiful and well-groomed hands, neat nails. Men appreciate the neat look and enjoy it. No less pleasure brings the appearance of a beautiful manicure to a woman who has become accustomed to watch over herself and is demanding of herself.

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However, it is not always possible to find financial means for visiting a good beauty salon. It does not matter, you can make a manicure yourself, with some effort and imagination.

It is necessary to choose with responsibilitymanicure. At home, drawings on the nails can create a variety of, but for a bank employee or an office employee, they are unlikely to be appropriate. It is necessary to understand that in everyday life, nails with a monophonic lacquer of pastel shades or already classical French manicure look most profitable.

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Before you start painting the nails, you need to do a few more actions. To do a manicure yourself, you need to have a nail file, nail scissors or tweezers.

First of all, it is necessary to clean the naila plate from contaminations and the remaining varnish, after washing your hands, and then treat the nails with a liquid to remove the varnish. It is necessary to ensure that the composition does not have acetone, in order to avoid damage to the surface layers of the nail.

Consider how to do a manicure at home.It is necessary to clean the dirt under the nails, then gently cut them one by one. You can choose the form yourself. It should be remembered that square nails are more susceptible to brittleness than round ones, but, nevertheless, look nice. Gently nail the nails. You already do the manicure yourself! Next, you need to carefully cut the cuticle and burrs with scissors, but only if they look untidy. After this, the nails will look more attractive. It requires some skill, but you will succeed. Completion of the manicure is the application of a nourishing cream on the hands, their massage. Do it with love.

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Further hands should be washed from the remains of the cream,wipe dry. Then you can start applying the varnish. What kind of manicure without him? Here you can give vent to your imagination, choose a shade appropriate to your style of dress and mood. It is necessary to take into account the time of the year. In summer fashionists use bright, neon colors. In winter - colder and more reserved shades. In autumn, orange or yellow nails will look stylish, as in the spring. If desired, you can paint nails with patterns using a small brush and varnishes of different colors.

When doing a manicure yourself, under the varnishYou can apply a nail-strengthening base coat. As a rule, one layer of varnish is small to obtain a uniform color. But you need to dry each of them with special care. Try not to go over the edge of the nail when applying, not to stain the skin. If this happens, then you can remove blemishes with a cotton swab dipped in a liquid to remove varnish.

The main thing to remember is that the process should be fun. Then the result will please you more than one day.