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We do manicure at home. Tips for creating beautiful nails

An important and simply necessary procedure forhealth nails is a manicure. To protect your marigolds from external influences, and simply to give them an aesthetic appearance, you must cover them with a protective agent or varnish. But all the manipulations that a professional master performs in a beauty salon can be done at home. This will not require much effort, especially since many girls prefer to take care of their nails themselves.

Manicure at home

To perform a manicure at home, you need to havenecessary minimum of tools. Their list includes: a small bath or a cup of medium size, sea salt, a wooden stick to push back the cuticle, manicure scissors and a nail file. In addition, you can buy a liquid to soften and remove the cuticle. Before making a bath for nails with warm water and salt, you need to remove the remaining varnish with a special liquid that should not contain acetone. The list of these tools will make manicure at home with their own hands.

You should start by cleaning the nails with a liquid forremoval of varnish, if it was previously applied. Then you should disinfect all the tools that will be used. So, in a tray or a cup warm water is poured and sea salt is poured in, which should dissolve. Then about 15 minutes you need to hold your fingers in the salt water. Its strengthening effect will have a beneficial effect on the nails. This procedure also softens the cuticle. Then it can be easily removed by a wooden stick that does not damage the nail plate.

Manicure at home with your own hands
Special cuticle forceps are removed veryit is easy, liquid can also be used for these purposes, but this is already a matter of taste and habit. All these simple manipulations will make a manicure at home a very simple exercise that will be performed with pleasure.

After removal of the cuticle, nails should be giventhe desired shape of the nail file. To avoid damaging the nail plates, they need to be cut in one direction, this will protect them from delamination. Further, the manicure of the house continues with beautiful nail polish decoration. All the work done prepares for its application. Many girls neglect the use of the base for lacquer, although it falls on it evenly and lasts longer. In addition, the base protects the nails from the negative effects of varnish in the case of not very good quality. So, start to cover the nails with varnish followed with a little finger. First brush by the center, then on the sides.

Manicure at home photo
For accuracy, the excess is removed with cotton woolchopsticks soaked in a liquid to remove varnish. To keep the lacquer long, it is necessary to cover it with a fixer. When it dries, you must apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream on your hands.

Having performed a beautiful manicure at home (photo can besee above), you will be pleasantly surprised by its simplicity and elegance. Accurate bright nails look just fine after all the performed actions. Care not only for the nails, but also for the skin of the hands immediately visible after several procedures. Make a manicure at home is not difficult, but you get a lot of fun!