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Trainer-teacher: features of work, job description

The job description of the trainer-teacher is developed on the basis of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. In it the basic methodical recommendations in the field of work, sports and physical training are given.

Basic Provisions

The main purpose of the trainer-teacher -correctly organize sports training. At the same time under sports training means a special training pre-planned process, which necessarily includes the participation of pupils in all sorts of sports competitions and competitions. At the same time, all activities conducted in such a school must be carried out in accordance with a special program.

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The trainer-teacher is obliged to adhere to all requirements assigned by state standards.

Proper organization of the training process

Each training conducted in the group shouldbe carried out taking into account the age and individual characteristics of all pupils. At the same time, the trainer-teacher should be able to conduct competitions, and he himself should take an active part in them, organize training camps and camps, and also have experience in judicial and instructor practice.

The trainer-teacher of the sports school is obliged to monitor the health of his pupils and the passage of special medical control.

Official duties: labor functions

The trainer-teacher exercisescalendar-thematic planning of classes and competitions in accordance with the type and objectives of the sports school. At the same time, he must exercise constant medical control over his students. It is very important to know about the contraindications to the exercises or to certain kinds of exercises.

The trainer-teacher advises pupils and their parents about the course of the educational process. If necessary, give the necessary recommendations.

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A trainer-teacher in sports trains hisstudents to all the basics of motor activity, depending on the sport discipline. To this end, various sets of special exercises are being done, developing the necessary sports performance. At the same time, not only practice, but also theoretical training should be involved. Constant stories, talks and lectures will contribute to all-round development.

The instruction of the trainer-teacher informs also,that every employee of a sports school must be able to correctly draw up a work plan and adhere to it. Also analyze the results of their work and select the best students to participate in important sporting events.

Required knowledge to work with pupils

Every coach of a sports school must have this knowledge to work with his students:

  • general rules of their discipline;
  • rules for conducting competitions;
  • basic requirements for sports equipment and equipment;
  • Determine the amount of training for certain types of competitive preparations;
  • psychological, physical and age characteristics of their pupils;
  • age pedagogy and psychology;
  • complexes of exercises that form pupils as harmoniously developed personalities.

Required skills

The work of the trainer-teacher implies the presence of such skills:

  • the ability to identify the goals and motivations of students who came to the sports school, as well as at each stage of the sporting events;
  • ability to follow the general discipline;
  • the ability to design and use the training and competition plan;
  • to attract students not only with physical exercises, but also with stories and lectures about this kind of sport;

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  • every coach-teacher should simply and clearly understand the essence of all exercises;
  • the ability to use sports equipment and simulators, if necessary;
  • to notice all the malfunctions of the existing equipment and to monitor the safety of the conditions in which the pupils train;
  • the ability to correctly and consciously select athletes for the competition;
  • participate in the judicial process, as well as determine its fairness;
  • the ability to increase the motivation of students and develop the will to win;
  • the ability to comply with safety regulations, and simply and intelligibly explain it to students.

Liability implied by this position

It should be borne in mind that activitiesa teacher-coach implies some responsibility. Therefore it is very important to pay attention to some aspects of the profession. The teacher of the sports school is always responsible for:

  • health and life of all involved;
  • violation of all disciplines;
  • improper performance of state standards for a particular sport;
  • non-fulfillment of the required volume of annual work: conducting competitions, attestation of pupils;
  • disrespectful attitude to the rights of pupils;
  • the use of incorrect methods of education (especially associated with any type of violence against the personality of the student);
  • suspicion of corruption;

qualification of trainers of teachers

  • collection of funds for the needs of a sports school without the consent of the director and other managers;
  • propaganda of any religion, violence, cruelty and racism;
  • any other acts incompatible with the laws of the Russian Federation.

Qualification requirements

Special qualification of trainers-teachers- this is one of the main conditions for conducting proper sports and educational work with students. Depending on the type of sports activities and training, the coach must have a secondary or higher education. Also, to improve this activity, a coaching experience of at least three years is necessary. If the teacher does not have the relevant experience, but has the assigned rank from the sports candidate and above, in this case he can conduct coaching activities.

Attestation of trainers-teachers is an important andthe necessary procedure, conducted every three years to determine the level of knowledge and skills of employees of the sports school, as well as to improve its skills.

Distribution of working hours

Данный вид деятельности предполагает сокращенную the working week. The maximum number of working hours is thirty-six hours per week. At the same time, the training schedule is drawn up in accordance with the requirements of a particular educational institution by the administration itself. It is very important to take into account the age and psychological characteristics of pupils.


Each trainer-teacher has the right to:

  • granting him work with the signing of an employment contract;
  • obtaining a workplace that meets all state and legal standards;
  • receiving timely and correct remuneration;

job description of the instructor's trainer

  • receiving paid leave, as well as sick leave.

Everyone associated withcoaching and teaching activities, when recruiting for work has the right to receive full reliable information regarding working conditions. In this case, one can use his own coaching methods for teaching students. It is also allowed to re-certify and receive a higher discharge.

General provisions for the certification of trainers-teachers

All-Russian sports organizations recommend regularly conducting the re-certification of trainers-teachers for assigning a special category.

The category of the trainer-teacher is determinedthe federation of a particular sport. At the same time, the requirements of an international organization are taken into account. This certification is voluntary. The main goal of state attestations is to stimulate trainers-teachers to a better professional activity. Each exam helps employees of sports institutions to raise their level, as well as learn about new modern techniques and technologies that are being developed in our time.

When attending the certification, the trainer-teacher can be assigned a certain national level: first, second or highest category, and also the category "Olympus".

Preparation for certification

The category of the trainer-teacher is appropriated at passage of special national certification which is spent in the terms defined by sports federation taking into account the international requirements.

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При этом каждый экзамен на присвоение a certain level is held once every four years. Before passing each certification, an employee of a sports organization must apply to a special commission. Each application is submitted through the employer.

The Commission may reject the application in such cases:

  • the documents contain incorrect information;
  • The trainer-teacher has sanctions for violation of anti-doping rules;
  • The employer may not accept the application if the applicant has an unacknowledged disciplinary statement.

Certifying commission

For proper certificationcoaches and teachers are encouraged to create special certification commissions whose main activities are meetings. Each of them should consist of a chairman, deputy, secretary and members of the commission. In this case, the chairman himself has the right to determine the procedure for conducting certification.

Complex requirements for the identity of the coach

The coaching profession has some personality requirements.

Physical qualities: the trainer must have good health and be resilient, and also have a loud sonorous voice.

Neuropsychic qualities:the ability to properly distribute their attention, while maintaining its concentration; resistance to external stimuli and patience; good logical thinking, memory and imagination.

Strong-willed qualities: the ability to set a goal and achieve it, patience, the ability to be responsible, the ability to control oneself in any situation, and also have a talent to influence others.

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High Level Trainercompare favorably with their sports, pedagogical and personal qualities, as well as the desire to share their skills and love for children. These people have a constant desire to learn and improve themselves.

One of the most important criteria of a teacher is the ability to contribute creativity to your work. This will help interest students and diversify the training process.


Тренер-преподаватель – это очень важная, сложная and a responsible profession. In order to become a successful and qualified employee of a sports institution, you need to be a strong, well-developed personality. At the same time, the person who has chosen this profession must have a desire to constantly improve, as well as to teach and love children.

The coach must constantly reach new heights not only in the professional sphere, but also in the spiritual, and pass on their qualities to the students.

Highly qualified trainer-teacher -it is not only an employee of a sports institution, but also an intelligent responsible teacher, mentor, doctor and friend for their students. Combining all the qualities of a teacher and a good person, you can become a true professional in your field. The reward for this will be not only students' medals for sporting achievements, but also the formation of successful, intelligent, healthy and harmoniously developed personalities.

With the right approach to business, as well as an incredible desire to learn and learn, the trainer-teacher can reach unprecedented heights in his work.