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Job description of the maid hotel: duties, functions and sample

In the world there are many professions relatedwith comfort. These people make life more pleasant and comfortable, while remaining completely invisible. One of these professions is the hotel maid. These lovely friendly women take care of the hotels, like their homes, and about the guests - like their relatives.

job description of a maid

The work is immense

Помыть, убрать, протереть, перестелить – дел у the maid is always a lot, but not all is included in her duties, and the rights of these lovely ladies, too, of course, are available. For a clear definition of these boundaries in any hotel there is always a job description of a maid. Below are its main provisions. It should be borne in mind that some institutions have their own characteristics or must meet certain standards, so the list can be supplemented by special or specific items. Also, the director or the owner of the hotel can supplement the following lists with his requirements, which, in his opinion, are appropriate and necessary.

Basic standards

The job description of the hotel maid isfirst of all, a document that must contain the full name of the organization, date, position and name of the person who approved it. General rules should also be set forth, such as:

  • Hotel maid belongs to the category of workers.
  • Accepted for the position and dismissed by order of the head (director).
  • Is directly subordinate to the senior maid (or administrator, director, etc.).
  • Responsible for damage, theft or other unlawful acts regarding property owned by the hotel.

job description maid


The applicant for the position must have a secondary education (secondary special, higher, etc.). Hotel maid should know:

  • fire safety rules;
  • their duties and rights;
  • rules for using instruments with instruments necessary for the performance of their duties;
  • daily routine and mode of operation;
  • instructions, rules, standards, orders and other internal documents of the hotel;
  • list of services provided by the hotel.

Hotel Maid Responsibilities

Job description maid of the hotel should contain a complete list of works and services that should be performed or provided by the employee. For example:

  • Room cleaning: cleaning of all surfaces (floors, walls, windows), furniture, mirror and tiled surfaces from dirt and dust.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of bathroom, toilet, bidet and other bathroom equipment.
  • Change of bed linen, towels in time and according to the schedule stipulated by the rules of the hotel.
  • Change curtains and other fabric elements of decor.
  • Delivery of dirty bed linen in utility rooms for washing and ironing.
  • A complete set of personal hygiene items (soap, toilet paper, shampoo, shower gel).
  • Control of the fullness of the mini-bar. Retrofitting it with missing items.
  • Ensuring the fulfillment of orders of hotel guests for domestic services.
  • In case of detection of malfunctions, damages, excessive pollution in the room, immediately notify the senior maid or the administration.

job description maid hotel sample


Job description maid in addition to the requirements and responsibilities always contains a list of the rights of the employee. These include:

  • Require the hotel management to comply with labor protection regulations.
  • Get all the necessary equipment and tools to perform their duties.
  • Submit for consideration by the administration or senior maid their proposals for improving the work or service.
  • Be familiar with all changes in the rules, instructions, standards and other internal documents of the hotel regarding the work it performs.

Specific items

Job description maid hotel alsooften contains requirements regarding the appearance of the worker. For example, cleanliness of a uniform, absence of a bright make-up, accuracy of a hairdress, etc. Today, more and more countries are supporting the fight against racial discrimination or the infringement of rights on any other grounds, so it is increasingly possible to meet the requirement of polite and impartial customer service regardless of their nationality, religion, orientation, etc.

The job description of the hotel maid, especially if the institution often receives foreign guests, may contain a requirement for knowledge of foreign languages.

job description of the senior hotel maid

Home clean

The instructions of the hotel’s senior maid are not substantially different from the above. The only difference is the addition to the duties of several points about the following content:

  • Work management.
  • Organization of work and management of the room stock service (laundry, laundry facilities, etc.).
  • Accounting and control of the use of detergents, household and special equipment, as well as consumables for it, tools and equipment used by hotel maids.
  • Control over the performance of the employees of the room stock service (laundry, laundry, etc.) of their official duties.

Sometimes the job description of a senior maidhotels are also complemented by the right to attend interviews when hiring hotel maids or even the right to participate directly in the process.

instruction by the hotel's senior maid

Letter of the law

As mentioned above, add to the listrights, obligations and requirements at its discretion, but a prerequisite is compliance with the current legislation of the country in which the hotel operates. If the requirements are illegal, the maid has every right to ignore them or even to apply to the relevant authorities and to bring the negligent owner or director of the institution to justice. Therefore, it is worth taking seriously the drafting of such an important document as the job description of the hotel maid. A sample, if necessary, can always be asked in the appropriate trade union organization or contact a specialist in personnel matters for advice.