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Job description of the technical director (sample)

Who is the technical director, what are his rights and responsibilities? This article will tell you everything about the profession presented.

About the profession

job description of the technical director

The chief of production, or technicaldirector, is a very important specialist in any enterprise. It is this professional responsible for improving the technical and production processes in the organization. Thanks to the technical director, a qualitative way of development of the enterprise is laid, and effective work is carried out to expand the scope of the organization. What does the special job description of the technical director prescribe? This document fixes the following main tasks for the examined specialist:

  • work with projects and technical plans;
  • organizational moments, work with a team of specialists;
  • conducting negotiations with customers, customers, executors, etc .;
  • work on optimization of production processes;
  • work with documentation, etc.

So, the job description of the technical director prescribes very extensive tasks for the specialist.

Requirements for the Technical Director

Since the position of the technical director is considered very important and prestigious, there are quite a lot of requirements for this specialist. What exactly can be distinguished here?

What does the job description of the technical director prescribe? Here are the main points:

  • higher education in a special profile (usually economic, but often the director must have at least two diplomas of higher education);
  • presence of organizational skills, experience in team management, etc .;
  • communicative skills, the ability to clearly and clearly state their position;
  • a certain length of service (for a technical director such a length of service should be at least one year).

job description of the technical director of the enterprise

And what kind of knowledge should a technical director have? About this further.

What should a technical director know?

The specialist in question must possessa number of specific skills and knowledge. What in this case prescribes the job description of the technical director of the enterprise? Here are the most important points:

  • knowledge of foreign languages ​​(in any case, the worker must know at least one language);
  • experience in developing programs and applications;
  • fairly extensive knowledge of the specifics of the work of the enterprise;
  • knowledge of the programming language, etc.

In addition to all of the above, a specialist should know:

  • all necessary legal and regulatory acts;
  • rules for working with documentation;
  • charter of the organization, etc.

The first group of duties of the technical director

These specialists in different companies have completely different functions and responsibilities. A competent technical director must have a clear idea of ​​the organization in which he works.

Thus, the job description of the technicalthe director of a car-care center prescribes for the expert functions completely different from duties, for example, the head of a construction company or an Internet company. However, it is still possible to designate the most general duties of a technical director. In particular, we can distinguish:

  • planning, coordination or registration of terms and volumes of necessary repair work;
  • ensuring day-to-day control over the execution of work in the organization; This includes, for example, economical consumption of electricity, available equipment, wiring, etc.;
  • control over work in the room of heating, sewerage, electricity, ventilation, etc.;
  • providing the organization with all the necessary materials, documents, tools, etc.

Next, all other functions of the technical director will be listed.

Second group of responsibilities

job description of the technical director ooo

What other duties does the job description of the technical director fix? Here are some points from the document:

  • development of all necessary plans, instructions, documents on safety and labor protection;
  • taking measures for fire and electrical safety;
  • organization of negotiations with customers, customers and the entire working team;
  • reception, transportation and registration of all necessary products;
  • development and preparation of all necessary documentation;
  • maintenance of technical operation of equipment and buildings.

Thus, the technical director hasunusually broad powers and responsibilities. The specialist in question must constantly develop professionally, otherwise it will not be so easy to carry out his labor functions.

Rights of the technical director

The specialist considered as an employee who performs mainly organizational functions is endowed with a very wide range of professional rights. What exactly can be distinguished here?

deputy technical director job description

Here is what the job description of the technical director (LLC or OJSC) prescribes:

  • A professional has the right to give instructions and instructions on matters related, one way or another, with his duties and functions.
  • The employee is able to monitor all equipment in the organization.
  • An employee has the right to impose on employeescertain sanctions in the form of encouragement or rewarding. Thus, for a gross violation of safety or discipline, the technical director is able to apply certain measures to his subordinates.

And what can you say about the responsibility of the specialist in question? About it further.

A responsibility

All items relating to the responsibility of the employee, also fixes the job description of the technical director. A sample of this document is presented below.

job description technical director sample

Here are two main points regarding employee responsibility:

  • poor performance or complete refusal to perform their duties may result in a fine or dismissal;
  • violation of the rules of law by an employee entails disciplinary, administrative or even criminal liability.

Thus, the responsibility of the technical director is absolutely no different from the professional responsibility of any other employee.

Career and Salary

The income of a technical director depends on the particular region and enterprise in which the employee carries out his labor activity. It is also worth highlighting the existing level of qualification.

job description technical director of car service

About 150-200 thousand gets a technical director.About 40-60 thousand will receive the Deputy Technical Director. Job description, unfortunately, does not prescribe a clear gradation by grade or skill level. However, it is worth noting that the salary of a specialist will vary considerably depending on the place in the organization of the specialist in question. Very much really depends on career growth. To take such a prestigious position as a director will not be easy. It is necessary to constantly improve their professional skills and improve their qualifications.