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Who is a janitor: job description and profession

In most people, the word "janitor" is associatedwith cleaning and cleanliness. Just want to imagine a formidable old man with a broom in his hand. But not all so unambiguously. The profession of a janitor has been known in Russia since the 19th century. Then these people were not only the guardians of purity. They were responsible for the security and order in the court entrusted to them. Nowadays, the functions of the janitor are limited to cleaning and guiding the proper order on the object being serviced. It all depends on where the janitor works.

janitor job description

Cleanliness and order at the site

In the staffing table of each productionThere is a janitor's office. It is necessary to keep someone in order territory. This work seems easy at first sight. In order to understand this, it is first necessary to find out who the janitor is. The job description clearly outlines all aspects of this issue. Here it is necessary to pay attention that part of the explanation lies in the name of the profession itself. "Janitor" is formed from the word "yard". This means that a person fulfills his immediate duties in the yard, that is, in the territory of a particular object.

Who obeys the janitor?The job description marks the fact that this employee is hired and dismissed only on the orders of the director of the company. And he obeys both the director and his immediate deputies. This suggests that only the leaders of the enterprise can give instructions to the janitor. No other employee has the right to give him any instructions. In his work, the janitor, like any other employee, is guided by the employment contract, the company's charter, orders and orders of the director. At the same time, he must know well and constantly comply with the norms of OT, TB and fire safety. What is the duty of the janitor to do? The job description contains a complete list of duties that he must perform at his workplace. They are quite an impressive list:

  1. Cleaning of streets and sidewalks located onterritory of the object. This includes tracks near the facades of buildings, entry, external staircases, basements, as well as fenced areas with containers for garbage collection.
  2. In winter, the listed areas must be cleared of snow, ice cracks and, if necessary, sprinkled with sand.
  3. Cleaning of buildings and structures from snow.
  4. Snow loading in specialized machines for export outside the territory of the enterprise.
  5. Digging ditches to drain water during the rainy season and melting snow.
  6. Release of gas and fire hatches, as well as sewerage wells from snow and debris for constant free access.
  7. The release of urns located in the territory, from debris, their sanitization.
  8. Cutting grass on lawns and cleaning flowerbeds.
  9. Watering of trees and plants on the territory of the enterprise.
  10. Cleaning of parking of cars and garage (if available).
  11. Cleaning of lamps, lanterns and all kinds of storefronts on the site.

This is only the main part of what a janitor should do every day. The job description also includes sections on the rights of the employee and his responsibility for possible violations.

janitor's job description

Guarding the tranquility of citizens

Job description of the janitor housing and communal services in generalfeatures repeats all of the above. The only difference is that the janitor works in the territory of a certain home ownership. This work is quite troublesome, but it begins early in the morning. While everyone is quietly asleep, the wipers are already preparing the tools for work. As inventory and tools, in addition to the famous broom and shovel, they use scoops, buckets, rakes, axes, pitchfork, braids, stretchers, pruners, trolleys and lawn mowers. Janitor work both men and women. The strongest and hardworking take on the maintenance of several sites.

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Cleanliness, safety and order for children

Job instruction of the school janitor requiredapproved by the director in consultation with the chairman of the trade union committee. The worker himself is directly subordinate to the clerk and performs all his assignments. Obligations are almost the same as for a janitor at any other facility. Only in this case, the employee must take into account that he is always near the children. This in itself imposes a certain responsibility. Everything must be done on time and on conscience. It is impossible to postpone for the future the sprinkling of sand slippery paths. This can lead to numerous injuries. And if you do not remove the proper territory adjacent to the garbage cans, then there will be the possibility of massive infections. This is absolutely unacceptable. Repeated violations in this regard threaten serious administrative penalties.