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Job description: Assistant to the head of the organization

Большая организация - большие хлопоты.The head of the corporation will not have time everywhere, even with the help of deputies. To properly plan the day, forget nothing, distribute and control the work, the manager needs an assistant. What does the employee in this position do, that he should be able and know?

Assistant leader: his role in the organization

Following the logic of the classifier of professions,approved at the state level, the assistant manager refers to the category of executives, because he oversees virtually all issues assigned to the competence of the first person.

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At the same time, some organizations interpretposition of assistant manager as administrator, manager or secretary: the first two positions involve organizational and administrative functions, the third - presentation and support. The classifier of professions classifies these types of work in different categories - specialists, technical employees, but only heads to the leaders.

How to determine the terms of employment?

When recruiting an assistant manager orsecretary, the organization should determine the status, rights and responsibilities of this employee, because this depends on the requirements for the educational level, qualifications, experience of the candidate.

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  • It is enough for the receptionist secretary to have a complete secondary education, and the etiquette and technical methods of working with the applicant's office equipment are taught directly at the workplace.
  • The administrator must have at least a bachelor's degree, have organizational skills and an energetic character, and also have some experience, depending on corporate requirements.
  • The manager, as a representative of professionals, requires the formation of no less than a full higher, work experience is not necessary, but this norm is set by the company at its own discretion.
  • Assistant to the head.This position implies the same qualification requirements as to the head: a full higher education, work experience in the specialty of at least 2 years. Probably, special characteristics of the applicant will be required, and, possibly, further training.

What is the job description for?

Assistant leader, as an official,It is obliged to act within the framework of its functional rights and to fully perform the prescribed functions. However, even without being the head, the employee is obliged to fulfill his labor duties in good faith and on time.

The order on employment does not containdetailed statement of these competencies, and in the event of a contract, the list of functions is not always exhaustive. In order to avoid discrepancies in determining the terms of reference of an employee, the job description of the assistant manager should contain detailed responsibilities, the rights that he has, as well as a measure of responsibility for the violation of the employment contract, internal labor regulations, damage to the employer,

Personal Assistant to the Head

The job description of the assistant isA sample of a similar instruction for the head or his deputy, with the exception of some of the primary functions of strategic planning and management. Probably, the assistant will also not be entrusted with the admission and dismissal of employees, the right to dispose of the enterprise's financial resources, issuing powers of attorney and other competencies that belong personally to the manager.

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However, legislation allows you to delegateany functions to an employee who is trusted, provided that he has enough qualifications, knowledge, experience and authority to deal with such issues. It is important only correctly to formalize the powers of the employee - by order or power of attorney.

At the same time, the job description of the assistant manager should reflect the work actually performed by him.

Sample sections

The structure of the job description is fixed instate qualification guides and contains all the basic requirements for the employee and the nuances of the position, as well as its place in the organizational structure of the organization.

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Job description "Assistant leader", like any other, should include the following parts:

  1. General terms. Here is indicated the order of admission and dismissal, subordination, the order of replacement of the employee.
  2. Labor functions. One of the most important sections that need to be reflected in detail.
  3. Rights granted to the employee.
  4. Limits of liability for violations.
  5. Qualification, professional experience, educational level.
  6. What should the employee know at this position?
  7. The relationship between him and other parts of the organization.

These sections can not be trimmed, but it is permissible to expand and add the necessary items.

Job Description: Assistant Manager: Sample

personal assistant manager job description

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Director (organization name)



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Job Description "Assistant Manager"

1. General conditions

1.1. Professional category "Managers".

1.2. Accepted and dismissed from work by order of the director.

1.3. Submission: directly to the director.

2. Functions

Assistant Manager:

2.1. Coordinates the work of departments, sections and other departments of the company in accordance with the instructions, resolutions and orders of the director.

2.2. Keeps records of deadlines for the execution of control orders of the director by structural units.

2.3. Prepares a work plan for the director on the next working day and provides it to the manager in a timely manner.

2.4. Organizes and controls the clerical work at the enterprise, checks it for compliance with the requirements of the law.

2.5. Provides accounting and registration of all powers of attorney issued by the director.

2.6. Manage clerk and control over the results of their activities.

Supplement depending on the needs of a particular organization and profile positions.

3. Powers

The assistant manager has the right to:

3.1. Familiarize yourself with the decisions taken on the enterprise.

3.2. Participate in management meetings.

Supplement depending on the needs of a particular organization and profile positions.

4. Responsibility

The assistant manager is responsible for:

4.1.For non-fulfillment or inadequate fulfillment of their duties stipulated by this instruction, orders and orders of the director, the current legislation governing the activities of the enterprise.

4.2. For the lack of control over the activities of subordinate employees.

4.3. For disclosure of information with limited access.

Supplement depending on the needs of a particular organization and profile positions.

5. Qualification

The assistant manager must have a full higher education, specialized work experience of at least 2 years.

6. Must know

The current legislation, the Charter, the Collective bargaining agreement (indicate what acts and norms the employee should know).

7. Interaction

It is indicated with whom and on what issues the assistant manager cooperates.


Head of Human Resources



Legal Counsel






job description assistant project manager

Specific competencies of an assistant project manager

It is assumed that project management -the position is temporary, respectively, and the assistant assumes certain obligations until the completion of the project. Its functional responsibilities will depend on the specifics and theme of the project, as well as on the needs of the specific organization.

job description assistant general manager

Job Description Assistant Managerthe project will be more specialized in functions, but with administrative and organizational coloring. Model duties for this position can be found in the qualification reference book, and then finalize them under the situation.

Are the duties of an Assistant General Manager different?

Spheres of duties of the assistant to the generalDirector and Assistant Director of General Affairs will be different. Of course, in the second case, the authority will be more narrowly focused, since the head of general affairs is not responsible for all the activities of the organization, but only for a particular sector.

The job description of the assistant to the head of general issues is made on the basis of the functions of the chief, who is “assisted”. Accordingly, the basis will be its area of ​​responsibility and functions.

The job description "Assistant Manager" in this case is suitable as a basis, it can be repelled when developing new documents for related positions.