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What is the job description of the HR specialist

Now at any enterprise in the state there areemployees of the personnel service. Usually this unit is represented by a whole team of employees: a chief, a specialist, an inspector or a manager. Many people think that the name of the post for the personnel officer does not matter. This is not true. It is the name that predetermines the functions and responsibilities that this or that employee of the department will perform. Most often in the organization there is a post of the expert on the personnel. This profession is heard by many and causes certain associations. It includes a fairly wide range of responsibilities, which is clearly regulated by the "Job description of the human resources specialist". This document, as a rule, is developed on the basis of the qualification guide. Here, the basic qualification requirements for the employee are clearly spelled out and all the duties that he must fulfill are listed.

Structure and main sections

The job description of a human resources specialist, like

job description of a specialist in human resources
any other, consists of 7 main sections:

1) The main provisions.

2) Functions.

3) Official duties.

4) Rights.

5) Responsibility.

6) Conditions of work.

7) Other provisions.

Each of them is necessary and carries its own semanticload. Correctly developed job description of the personnel specialist helps to better understand the main areas of work, as well as to understand some of the subtleties. The first section determines what the employee who is appointed to this post, as well as the main documents and regulations, must necessarily know, which he must be guided by in his work. In addition, the employee's category and the procedure for appointing, relocating or releasing him from his position are indicated here. The second section in detail lists all the main functions that are entrusted to perform a specific specialist at the enterprise. The third section lists in detail all the responsibilities that are assigned to the human resources specialist. The fourth and fifth sections contain information on the rights of the employee, as well as all types of responsibilities that are assigned to him. In the sixth section, the working conditions are determined taking into account the specifics of a particular individual enterprise. Here, too, the order of the relationship between the cadre worker and other divisions is specified. The final section contains information on the documents on the basis of which this job description of the human resources specialist was developed. The document must be approved by the head of the organization and, if necessary, coordinated with the higher authority. On the last page there must be a record of the employee about familiarization.

Do not make a mistake in choosing

job description of the specialist of the personnel department
Job description of the specialist of the personnel departmenthelps the company's management when selecting a candidate. A person should have certain skills and special knowledge, be well-oriented in legislative documents and skillfully use the Labor Code. The availability of work experience is always welcome, which makes it possible to be sure that the employee will be able to perform the tasks assigned to him independently. An employee of this specialty, in addition to professional knowledge, must also possess the corresponding moral qualities. After all, this post involves working with people. Here you need to be able to find a common language and compromise. But sometimes in small enterprises the position of a human resources specialist turns out to be the only one in the entire personnel division. In this case, job responsibilities are adjusted to the specific conditions and needs.

Significant differences

the instruction of the expert on the personnel
The instruction of the personnel specialist is essentialdiffers from similar documents, which are drawn up for employees of other positions in the cadre sphere. Take, for example, an inspector or a human resources manager. If the Personnel Inspector is an employee with a secondary special education, who mainly manages the office work, then the task of the manager additionally includes the search and selection of personnel. This is a very important and difficult task. To begin with, it is necessary to select people who are currently in need of employment. Then conduct an interview with each candidate and determine the best of the applicants. The task is not simple, but feasible. Unlike the inspector, a human resources specialist, like a manager, must have a higher education. And his responsibilities are much wider and more complex. Work with the staff only at first glance seems so simple, and in the light of the latest slogans, it is paid the closest attention.