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Senior lecturer of the university: job description, duties and work peculiarities

If you were a student, the words "rector", "dean","Professor", "Associate Professor" is guaranteed to cause you nostalgia and awe. And it is very difficult to explain these terms to a “non-student person”. However, many people forget about one more position that every university has - a senior lecturer. To understand its functions is not easy. What is the difference between a senior teacher and a teacher? And how is he associated with an assistant professor? Let's try to answer all these questions.

Who do we take?

The position of senior teacher may takea person with a higher professional education and experience of scientific and pedagogical work for 3 years or more. If the applicant already has a PhD, the experience may be less - 1 year.

Senior teacher

Any senior university teacher is attached to a particular department, depending on their specialization. Accordingly, all his activities are related to her work.

Theoretical knowledge and training of a senior teacher

  1. Like any government worker, a teacher should be guided in the Constitution of his country, the basic laws and legal acts related to education and upbringing.
  2. Know the theory and practical methods of managing educational systems (as a potential dean or even a rector); state standards of secondary vocational and higher education.
  3. The teacher is obliged to possess knowledge of the planning and maintenance of educational documentation, the organization of methodological and scientific work.
  4. Each educator should be aware of the current state of the scientific branch of his department, to study innovations and relevant theories.
  5. Knowledge and practical application of methods of pedagogy, psychology and culture of communication is mandatory for a senior teacher.
  6. Knowledge of basic physiology informationFirst aid and hygiene are necessary for everyone who communicates with a large number of people in the process. Senior lecturer - one of these posts.
  7. Basics of administrative law,fire safety and labor protection rules are an integral part of what any conscientious worker, including a university employee, should never forget.

Supervisor - Senior Lecturer

So in their professionalThe activity of a senior university teacher is governed by the laws of his country, the law on education, educational standards and curricula on the subject. University regulations and collective bargaining agreements directly affect their job responsibilities. Any provisions on the faculty and department, as well as the orders of the rector and vice-rectors, also determine the activities of the senior lecturer.

Service hierarchy

Senior Lecturer of the Department of his postis between the teacher and assistant professor. This also results in his duties - coordinating the work of teachers, their consultation on educational and scientific issues, the distribution of minor duties and assignments. At the same time, he is the closest assistant to the head of the department, he takes upon himself the solution of organizational issues, scientific work and the organization of the practice of students. What the associate professor offers, the senior teacher is authorized to develop and deepen.

Senior university teacher

Main job responsibilities

They are determined by the job descriptions of the senior teacher in each particular university. However, there are general requirements for all professionals, regardless of their place of work.

  • The senior teacher is obliged to organize and conduct educational and methodical work in accordance with the individual plan.
  • Actively participate in the research work of their department.
  • Draw up and develop curricula and programs for the department.
  • To ensure the formation of all the necessary competencies of students, ensuring their high level as specialists.
  • At the proper level to teach material and control the quality of classes conducted by teachers of the department.
  • Solve issues with the practice of students.
  • To control the quality of methodological support at the department, to develop their own manuals.
  • To conduct an active research work, to supervise students writing term papers and dissertations on the basis of the department.
  • Take part in the vocational orientation of applicants.
  • To advise and provide methodological assistance to young teachers of the department.

Associate Professor - Senior Lecturer

  • To ensure the work of the scientific and methodological commission for a particular specialization.
  • To improve and update the material and technical base of the department.
  • To promote comprehensive training, the acquisition of scientific, technical, general social, humanitarian, economic and legal knowledge.
  • To control the performance of homework, laboratory and practical work by students.
  • Monitor student compliance with rules of conduct and fire safety.
  • To conduct educational activities among students.
  • To take an active part in the preparation of educational, teaching and methodological manuals, work programs.

If a senior teacher within the framework of the implementationofficial duties created an object of intellectual property (textbook, monograph), the university has the full right to use it. The fruits of mental labor are always appreciated.

What is a senior teacher entitled to?

The length of service and a sufficient amount of scientific and pedagogical work allow a teacher to stand for the Academic Council of a university or a separate faculty.

Senior Lecturer

He may also propose to the head of the department amendments to the work plan of the department, changing educational documentation and manuals.

Improvement of all types of work of the department (from educational to research) is also among the rights of this specialist.

In the event of a conflict, a seniorthe teacher, like any employee, can request from the managers or in other instances the documents regulating his rights and duties. Protecting your ideas and interests is an essential feature of work at any university.

The senior teacher is free to choose the best teaching methods, teaching aids and materials, knowledge assessment methods. However, all this must be approved by the dean's office and the university administration.

Of course, the use of all library funds serving the departments of the university is also the right of any teacher.

With compelling reasons and the ability to back up their point of view with facts, the senior teacher can challenge the order or order of the head of the department, dean or rector of the university.

Responsibility cargo

The variety of responsibilities imposes on the senior teacher a great responsibility on several points:

  • Insufficient level of organization and execution of educational and methodical work at the department.
  • Smaller amount of classes conducted compared to planning.
  • Insufficiently high requirements for the preparation of students in the performance of control, course and theses.
  • The discrepancy between the training sessions and the schedule approved by the university administration.
  • Administrative and criminal offenses within the current legislation.
  • Causing material damage to both the department and students.
  • Failure to fulfill the duties prescribed in the Charter of the university, existing legal acts and job description of the teacher.

Development prospects

With active work and a serious attitude towardshis difficult task senior lecturer may well count on the post of assistant professor. To take it, an employee must have the necessary qualifications, confirmed by scientific publications, experience of scientific and pedagogical work at the university, recommendations of the department staff. The question of such an appointment is decided by the head of the department - he recommends the candidate to the Academic Council and the Rector. The meeting of the Academic Council of the university decides whether it is worthwhile to move the senior lecturer up the difficult career ladder.

Senior trainer-teacher

Непростая и многогранная должность в разных institutions has its own specifics. In institutions of education, physical culture and sports, the main activity of the senior teacher is combined with his coaching duties. Organization of the educational process is inextricably linked with the organization of fruitful training. For a senior trainer, a professional education and an experience of at least two years are required. Also to the list of requirements include capacity, lack of criminal record and health problems.

Senior trainer-teacher

Senior trainer-teacher should knowmethod of presentation of the material, as well as features of the physical development of different age groups of students. Also, he should be aware of the latest methods of sports training, diagnosis of conflict situations. Justifying one’s position and working with pupils ’parents is an important skill of a successful trainer-teacher.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Selection of the most promising pupils.
  • Their further sports improvement.
  • Training and educational work.
  • Conduct theoretical studies.
  • Analysis of the achievements of each student.
  • Ensuring the improvement of the level of general physical, theoretical, moral, volitional and technical training of students.
  • Prevention work against doping.
  • Ensuring the protection of life and health during the educational and training process.
  • General coordination of the work of trainers, teachers, advice and methodological assistance.

The rights of the head coach are the same as noted earlier.

And how are they?

В странах Западной Европы аналогом должности Senior Lecturer is Senior Lecturer (Senior Lecturer). In the USA, this position is called Associate Professor. In general, the rights and obligations of the senior lecturer are the same as previously described. Many Western universities emphasize the creative nature of the work of the senior lecturer, his active service to the community as a whole.

job descriptions of the senior teacher

Briefly about the main

Mentor, educator, curator, scientificthe head - the senior teacher really has to be a jack of all trades. The talent for teaching should be combined in such a person with great enthusiasm and efficiency. That senior lecturer, who in his dreams does not have the item “become an assistant professor” and then “become a professor”, is bad.