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Alina Somova is a mysterious ballerina

Unlike many, Alina Somova carefully protects her private life from the attention of the press and viewers. She does not meet with the press and does not give interviews.

Alina Somova

Life, hidden behind seven seals

Indeed, to find any personal informationabout the ballerina of the Mariinsky Theater is almost impossible. She was born in Leningrad in 1985. In 2003 she graduated from the Russian Ballet Academy. A. Ya. Vaganova, one of the best ballet schools in our country, where unrivaled technique and acting skills are given. In addition, children study history and theory of music, playing a musical instrument, solfeggio, general educational disciplines and much more. In the same year she was admitted to the junior staff of the ballet troupe of the Mariinsky Theater. On his stage, a talented girl was formed from a simple dancer to a brilliant prima, applauded not only in our country. Alina Somova climbed the steps of skill quickly.

Alina Somova Ballerina
Already in 2004, it shines in the party of Masha("The Nutcracker") in Japan in Tokyo at the National Theater. 2006 was marked by the first performance in Vienna in the Odette-Odile part from the ballet Swan Lake in the version of Rudolf Nuriev. As Alina Somova herself said, it's right when this dancer is not danced by an experienced ballerina, although technically she is complicated, but quite young, who can put more tenderness into Odette's image and easy coquetry, which will win the prince in the image of Odile.

Zsenit's cheerful fan

Alina Somova believes that, having been born Petersburg,you can not help but root for your own "Zenith". She remembers all the players since 2002. Especially once there were Arshavin and Kerzhakov, who, however, have now changed. Even on tour in Manchester, the troupe on large TV sets, located on both sides of the scenes, watched the performance of the favorite team at the final match in the UEFA Cup in 2008. In the dressing room, the ballerina has photos of her favorite team.

Personal life

In 2006 Alexey Yagudin, the Olympic champion,admitted to the correspondent that he was very attracted by Alina Somova. The ballerina is a very purposeful person, and she has almost no time for meetings because of the tight tour schedule. She was 21 at this time, and she lived separately from her parents. But since that time many years have passed, and this couple did not connect their lives. To the question: "Who is Alina Somova's husband?" - you can only answer presumably, because the ballerina herself keeps this a secret. They say that they had a dancer Danila Korsuntsev. But the degree of reliability of this information can not yet be established. Very carefully hides from his eyes the family situation Alina Somova. Personal life is deeply hidden.

alina's husband
It is known that in March 2013 her daughter Eve was six months old. Since then, one photo left by chance. And so the whole life is devoted to the theater and performances.

Roles and attention

For the performance of the role of Tsar-maiden in the "Humpbacked Horse" Alina received the Golden Mask Award. Great Maya Plisetskaya congratulated the young ballerina.

Alina Somova's personal life
This is the best confirmation that she is a worthy representative of the Russian ballet school.

Refined, with perfect lines, with a feeling of pose- this is Alina Somova. The ballerina performs the leading parties not only in the Mariinsky Theater, where the spectators come especially to "Somov". They leave the poetic unfolded impressions of the performances of the beloved dancer. About "Swan Lake" with Somova create poems in prose, where they say that the heart of the play is a bird-girl, doomed and quivering, tender Odette. She is expressive. All of her ballet forms - a long neck, slender legs, light hands - create an image of a fascinated bird with wings, whose fingertips are feathers. But now, leaning against the prince's chest, bending his head to his shoulder, she turns into a girl. Becoming an Odile, she manifests other facets - temptation and cunning. The wings are no longer tender. It's the wings of a bird of prey. However, the charm remains, for in Odile there is no malice and meanness. The finale of the ballet, going to the sounds of a harp and a violin, makes the hall stop and watch the swans swim under the light of the moon.

Foreign media in 2015 named Alina Somova"Hope of the Year". Such a high rank she received for performing the role of Raymonda in A. Glazunov's ballet. The party is technically complex, it has 5 variations, each of which reveals an image from different sides. This exclusive performance caused the enthusiasm of the public and the press. To date, the repertoire of the dancer consists of approximately 20 roles.