/ / Alina Kryukova: biography, career, personal life

Alina Kryukova: biography, career, personal life

Every self-respecting actor at least once resorted toservices of a PR manager. In the Russian show business, cruel rules, and who do not know them, as the closest helper stars. Alina Kryukova is a vivid example of an individual who, through her love of work, has been able to achieve great successes in her career and build her family happiness.

Alina Krukova

Alina Kryukova: biography and parents

A young careerist was born on a bright holiday - 1January 1985. Parents from childhood instilled Aline love of work. The family lived poorly, but their relatives tried to give everything that their daughter needed. Alina Kryukova graduated from the law school, but to this day it is not known whether she worked in the specialty. She does not like to glow in front of the cameras and talk about herself, but the work and status of the wife of a famous actor oblige.

Personal life

His "prince on a white horse" in the person of Konstantin Alina Kryukova met at the age of 24, when she came to audition for a vacant vacancy at that time for a PR manager.

From the first conversation between the pair flasheda real spark, but there was no question of any novel, for Constantine was still married. The actor recalls that he was very impressed by the erudition and education of the girl, and how she behaved in public, could envy even the most famous movie actresses.

Alina Krukova

The situation changed after a loud divorceKryukov. At first the young man started off, so to speak, all the hard, but after a while he realized that he did not need anyone - his heart was conquered by Alina Kryukova. A young couple could talk about 24 hours a day.

Before getting married, the guys met for five years. For this time, the party-goer-artist has imperceptibly turned into a lover of family evenings and a homebody.

The wedding took place in late spring 2013. The newlyweds were married according to the Orthodox rite, which can only mean one thing: they are sure of their feelings for each other.