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Alina Kabaeva: biography of the winner

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Every connoisseur of rhythmic gymnastics knows,who is Alina Kabaeva. Biography of this amazing girl is not known to everyone. This article will tell you in detail about the gymnast's childhood, her sports achievements and her personal life.

Family and childhood

Alina was born in Tashkent.Her father is a Tatar by birth, her mother is Russian. Now he lives in Moscow. Alina has a younger sister, who is called Lisana. Now she works in the hotel business. Parents sent the future gymnast to a sports school at the age of four. The girl's mom wanted her to become a figure skater in the future, but there were no schools in which everything was taught professionally in all of Uzbekistan. That's why the parents decided that she should be trained in gymnastics. Alena Kabaeva already reached the age of twelve. Her biography shows that there were no prospects for further development in Uzbekistan, so her mother took her to Moscow. There the girl got to a good coach - Irina Wiener. She ordered Alina to take up the figure and go on a diet. This was the only condition that they would continue their studies.

alina kabaeva biography
Sports achivments

And since 1995 the girl is engaged in Wiener, andalready the next year begins to perform in the Russian national team. At the age of fifteen, Alina Kabaeva (her biography confirms this) won the European Championships, after which she won four more times in such competitions. A year later she became a world champion. But at the Sydney Olympics she was not lucky. Because of the annoying mistake (the hoop sportswoman rolled out on the carpet), it was only the third.

Alina in 2001 figured among the gymnasts,who were caught using Furosemide. The result is a disqualification for a long two years. After 12 months, she was allowed to participate in official tournaments, but subject to strict control. It is interesting that Furosemide is not doping at all. It was often used to remove banned substances in sports medicine. But the World Anti-Doping Agency considered it differently.

The peak of Alina's career was another victory at the championship in Athens in 2004. There are no further data on the athletic achievements of the gymnast. She completed her career in 2007.

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Other areas of activity

What else did Alina Kabaeva do?Biography reports that she is a certified specialist in sports management. She managed to declare about herself and in politics. Four years gymnast was a member of the Supreme Council in the notorious all the party "United Russia". In her "piggy bank" is also the Order of Merit for the Fatherland. Alina in 2008 became chairman of the Public Council of a large holding company. She managed to found a charitable foundation. Currently, he is responsible for the construction of a sports complex in the city of Tskhinval.

Alina Kabaeva managed to light up on the screen.The biography of the sportswoman reports that she was conducting the "Empire of Sports" program, broadcast on the "7 TV" channel, and on the "Ren TV" channel - the "Chance for Success" program, hosting many famous and influential people. In the category "Sports" the girl entered the TOP-10 of the country's sexiest women.

What did Alina Kabaeva achieve in her personal life?Biography (children in it yet do not appear) informs, that at absence of family the girl is the enviable bride. In her property there is a land plot of more than 7 thousand square meters, two cars, three apartments. In 2008, the press fanned a scandal regarding Alina's relations with Vladimir Putin. And although the latter categorically refutes to this day the fact of having a relationship with a gymnast, the public still continues to doubt.