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Master Kanzashi Alina Boloban

Kansas flowers Alina Bologan makes quite a long time.They impress with their uniqueness, but at the same time are fairly simple to manufacture. In this technique, unique hairpins, rims, necklaces, wedding pendants, brooches, bracelets and much more.

Kanzashi technique

Kanzash technique itself appeared more than 400 years agoback in Japan. It happened by accident. In these times, Japanese girls stopped putting their hair in a traditional hairstyle. Long curls with pins, combs, pins and sticks fit into intricate shapes. It was then that the idea came to decorate the crests with unique and beautiful colors from ribbons.

Ornaments made in Kansas technique became a tradition, but by their number, shape and value one could say a lot about the owner.

Kanzashi Alina Bologan


On flowers from the tapes of Alina Boloban you can watch and admire for hours. On the example of making a cornflower, we will master this ancient Japanese technique.

So, first you need to decide on thecolor, which will be the main flower petals. In nature, you can meet cornflowers from soft blue to a saturated blue and even with a purple hue. For the flower, you will also need a green ribbon.

Variants of making petals for a cornflowera large number of. Here you need to be guided by your personal preference and, of course, mastery abilities. For beginners, it is better to use a simple, but not the worst, variant of making petals, with which we will get acquainted.

Materials and Tools

To make a cornflower for youyou will need a ribbon of the main color for a cornflower, a width of 2.5 cm. For the production of leaves you need a green ribbon with a width of one centimeter. The tools will need scissors, a lighter, tweezers and an adhesive gun.

The blue ribbon is cut into squares of 2.5 cm. From the green tape, cut two pieces of 15 centimeters.

Alina Boloban

Flower Making

For this kind of flower Alina Boloban decidedChoose a petal with a winglet. To make it, you need two squares of ribbons, so when preparing the material, you must immediately decide how much will be used in the work of the petals and, multiplying by two, cut the squares. One small flower will need seven to nine petals.

Take a square and bend it, formingtriangle, and then the resulting triangle bend again and using a cigarette lighter cauterize the corner so that it does not fall apart. We do the same manipulations with the second square, but do not burn the corner. In the second triangle, we insert the first, which was fastened with a lighter.

Two triangles inserted one into one, withThe tweezers are squeezed in the middle and fold the edges of the double triangle. Use tweezers for such small petals is very convenient, according to Alina Boloban.

Using the example of the previous triangle, we fixhelp lighters the corners of the petal. Before fixing it, you need to straighten it and see if it is correctly executed. Press these petals more comfortable with tweezers. To make the aesthetic and that they are even, the back part needs to be cut off a little and, of course, burned, so that the product does not bloom.

Flowers from the ribbons of Alina Boloban

The next step in the work depends on whichmiddle choose for your cornflower. Alina Boloban chose stamens for this, but for the middle one can take any rhinestones or beads. We describe two variants of harvesting a cornflower.

Ways of fastening a flower

The first way.Cornflower Kanzashi Alina Bologan decided to decorate with stamens. For this, stamens of different colors are taken. You will need three light-blue colors, four - blue, and eight stamens of black color. We collect them in a bundle so that in the center there were blue, and along the edges - blue and black stamens. In order that they do not break up, it is necessary to fasten the "bouquet" with an adhesive gun.

We proceed directly to the assembly of the petals.Alina Boloban does this on weight, attaching the petals gradually one by one with a pistol. Before fixing the last petal, it is necessary to insert stamens into the cornflower. When they are placed inside and straightened, you can glue the last petal, connecting it with the first one. Cut the stamens and fix the finished flower with a glue gun on the base. A circle with a diameter of one centimeter will suit her. If you are afraid that not everything will be covered by the base, you can make it half a centimeter.

Kansas flowers Alina Bologan

The second way.If you take beads or rhinestones for the center, then the petals must be fastened immediately to the base, glued one after the other. After the circle is formed and fixed from them, it is necessary to place the cornflower center with the help of a glue gun.

Before fixing the flower on the base inthe first method and before gluing the petals, as in the second, it is necessary to cut out leaves from the green satin ribbon. If you cut the tape in half or along, be sure to use the lighter to process the edges of the cut, otherwise the product will eventually become disheveled.