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Alina Golovkina: support and support of the famous boxer

Gennady Golovkin is a sports standard,pride and wealth of Kazakhstan. He is known throughout the world as a professional boxer performing in middleweight. He is a real legend in the boxing world, because no opponent has ever managed to defeat Golovkin in battle. However, in this article we will talk about the important for the famous athlete of a man - his wife Alina Golovkina. We will tell you what role the girl played in the life of the boxer, study her brief biography and devote the reader to unexpected facts from life.

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A little about the athlete

Karaganda Gennady Golovkin is considereda real star. About him does not know unless lazy or preschooler. Despite the difficult fate, the future sportsman decided to dedicate his life to boxing, honing every step and movement with his hand. It all started with his family, where Gennady was raised in the circle of older brothers who purposefully oriented the guy to the sport. The same fate awaited and another child from the four Golovkin. Maxim, the twin brother of the legendary GGG, is now a master of sports, a deserved coach of the country in boxing. In his interviews, the athlete repeatedly said that his success is a daily painstaking work in the hall, starting from childhood.

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short biography

Gennady was born on August 8, 1982 in Karaganda(Republic of Kazakhstan, formerly Kazakh SSR, part of the Soviet Union). Being still a first-grader, the boy got at the insistence of older brothers in the boxing section. The rising star took three years to show the first amazing results and prove itself. Despite the fact that older brothers died during military service, the famous GGG did not leave the sport, but, on the contrary, achieved maximum success in it.

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Wife - support and support

Alina Golovkina is the wife of Gennady, wholeads a rather modest life. On television cameras appears rarely, but never misses the fights of her husband. As is known, the couple met, being still very young and since then almost never parted. Alina, like a boxer, comes from the coal city of Karaganda. Alina Golovkina, whose nationality is difficult to determine, is misc. Since my mother is a Kazakh, and my father is a Tatar. Despite this, ethnic prejudices did not play a big role in the construction of marriage and the conclusion of family ties. Gennady Golovkin fully respects the roots of Alina, believing that anybody can become a true Kazakh if ​​this is the soul.

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In the distant 2000 the couple met absolutelyaccidentally. Then there were no world tours, reports and worldwide fame. Alina Golovkina was on her friend's birthday, where she also faced her future husband. After seven years of relationship, the couple legalized their marriage by conducting a bright and magnificent wedding in accordance with Russian traditions.

Personal life of Alina

Alina Golovkina (wife of Gennady Golovkin) has alwaysfollows her husband. She faithfully supports him, despite the fact that he spends a lot of time in gyms. In the photo Alina Golovkina looks the same as in life: a sweet, feminine, well-bred girl who gives her love, despite the light of the soffits and a rather difficult life. The wife of the famous boxer is engaged in the upbringing of Vadim's son, and she is an excellent example herself: she has two higher educations, perfectly speaks two foreign languages. She went all the way along with the rising star and now, at the height of her fame, continues to support her husband. Alina Golovkina's biography is scarce in the network. It is known that a married couple lives in Germany, and for each fight the spouses always come together.

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Interesting facts from the life of the four Golovkin

Despite the fact that reporters can not find out the exact biography of Alina Golovkina, in some interviews interesting information appears:

  1. The girl chose to abandon the construction of a personal career and devoted her life to her husband and son.
  2. Gennady in the box long enough that oftenIt causes resentment from fans of opponents. After all, the famous boxer became famous for his lack of defeats, so the family is often subjected to pressure. As a rule, when the popularity of Golovkin grows, the campaign against him only grows. Such a regime requires enhanced daily training. In one of the interviews for the Kazakhstani online magazine, the sportsman admitted that Alina Golovkina asks her husband to end his boxing career. Before each fight, the wife of GGG hopes that he will be the last, because Gennady almost does not appear at home. Despite this, Golovkin plans to stay at the peak of his career for a long time, because the sport for him is his bread.
  3. The family does not want the heir of the eminent couplecontinued his sports career. According to Gennady, success in sports was necessary to him, since the guy grew up in the 90's, where disharmony and chaos prevailed around him. Self-defense and the ability to stand up for oneself in those days were a priority. Vadim has a completely different way of life, so the future in boxing is not necessary for him.

Example and asset of Kazakhstan

This pair is talked about and will be talked about for a long timeyears. Gennady openly declares that he is a Kazakh and a patriot, so he will fight for Kazakhstan. In turn, Alina Golovkina became an example for every girl, after all after her husband's successes in Karaganda, and throughout Kazakhstan, boxing centers named after Golovkin began to appear. Children, inspired by the history of the famous boxer, are ready to devote their free time to sports. Girls, on the contrary, became more sincere about their young people, who with the same fire in the eyes of visiting training rings and halls.

Despite the fact that information about the life of Alinavery little, we can safely conclude that Gennady is very lucky. A woman who faithfully gives her strength and personal time to support her husband for his success and career growth can be a real example for every person.