/ / Alina Khasanova: biography and personal life

Alina Khasanova: biography and personal life

Alina Khasanova was born on May 19, 1986.Alina's childhood, as well as her twin Liana, was held in Naberezhnye Chelny. There, the girls graduated from a private school. Alina, unlike her sister, was an insistent, independent and purposeful child. She always had her own opinion. While still a student, she often stood up for herself and her timid and shy sister, because the upbringing and behavior of the girls greatly differentiated them from their peers. Classmates considered them "white ravens."

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Mom of girls, Ravil Hasanova, invested a lotin the family and children. The sisters were brought up strictly, taught to respect the elders and from childhood instilled a taste for classical music, foreign languages, literature and painting. And the head of the family on his own example has proved that an ordinary master can become a deputy general director for commerce in a solid company.

Moving and adult life of Alina

Then the Naberezhnye Chelny were replaced by Samara, and afterand at all the family moved to Moscow. There Fanis, Alina's father, received a good post, and the girls entered the University. GV Plekhanov at the Department of International Economic Relations. At the same time, the sisters were engaged in an art school. Alina Hasanova was especially interested in studying. The father did not save on daughters, he invested money in the comprehensive education of the sisters.

Alina's acquaintance with her future husband

Alina Hasanova met her futurehusband in Turkey on May 15, 2005. The girl's family was invited to the opening ceremony of the VIP-hotel, and Pavel just arrived on vacation in Belek and it was in this hotel. The girl at that time was 18 years old, and her heart was not busy. And Bure, who was older than Alina for 15 years, had already completed his sports career by that time and was seriously thinking about starting a family.

Alina Khasanova biography

The way to the heart of the blond beauty Pavelpaved through her mother. And then there were romantic surprises, courtship, night walks and long conversations. When he arrived in Moscow, Pavel invited the girl to his dacha, where he introduced her to his mother, grandmother and his brother's family. Well-bred Alina immediately liked the family Bure.

The couple's relationship developed slowly.Alina Khasanova perceived Paul only as a close friend, and he, in turn, did not hurry the event. But the departure of the girl to London all at once changed, Alina realized that she fell in love.

Wedding of Alina and Paul

Pavel Bure and Alina Hasanova registered theirrelations October 10, 2008 in Miami. The number "10" was chosen by Paul himself, he played in the national hockey team under this number and considered this figure the happiest. This solemn event of the couple celebrated in a narrow family circle. Bure made Alina a chic gift, he gave her "Bentley" mint-pearly color. The newlyweds played the wedding itself exactly one year later in Moscow together with relatives and friends.

Pavel Bure and Alina Hasanova

Pavel Bure was an enviable groom, and many girlsdreamed about it. But the heart of the hockey player was conquered by Alina Khasanova. Biography of the girl immediately aroused great interest. Everyone was curious how the young beauty managed to melt the ice in the heart of an inveterate bachelor.