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Alina Kovalevskaya - girl-doll

For sure, many remember the girl-Barbie ValeryLukyantsev, who, in pursuit of the resemblance to the doll, has made to herself many operations, including the removal of ribs. Lera had a lot of admirers, but also condemned her for such mockery of the body of many. Today on the Internet there was a girl who is considered an improved version of a living doll - Alina Kovalevskaya.

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personal information

Presumably, the new doll is 20 years old.On her pages in social networks the girl deleted information about the year of birth, leaving only the date. Alina Kovalevskaya studies at the Odessa Institute. She was born and spent her whole life in the same port city. The height of the girl is 174 cm, it weighs from 48 kg. He claims that he did not measure his volumes, so he can not name them. Judging by the photos, her waist is far from 47 cm Lera, but this only confirms her words that her external data is a gift from nature, not a surgeon.

alina kovalevskaya biography

What started

Alina Kovalevskaya tells the network thatnever planned to become a living doll. But once, a year and a half ago, I saw on the Internet a photo of dolls of Belarusian Railway. She was so impressed by the tender beauty and elegance of these creatures that she wanted to try on such a style. To do this, she had to purchase lenses that increase the iris of the eyes and learn how to impose appropriate make-up. Alena Kovalevskaya decided to build her hair to fit the chosen image. Whiteness of the skin "new Barbie" protects, not allowing yourself without the urgent need to be in the sun.

It is worth recalling that BJ are dolls on hinges,made of polyurethane. They are able to take human poses and amaze people with realism. The eyes of most of these toys are big and sad.

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Like Valeria, Alina Kovalevskaya, biographywhich is not known to a wide range of Internet users, has both fans and opponents. Fans say that her appearance is much brighter and much more natural than her predecessor.

While the opponents believe that Alina has also done a lot of operations, besides, she copies the image of Lukyanova.

Now it is difficult to say which of them is right,Because Kovalevskaya denies visits to the surgeon, and Lukyanova recognizes only a small part of them. There are no evidences from defenders and ill-wishers, so the girls still have to take the floor.

The similarity of the girls did not lead to their friendship.No, they are familiar, but they did not arouse good feelings from each other. When Alina just appeared on the Internet, she and Lera tried to communicate, planned to even meet, but something did not work out for them. Now Valeria claims that Alina is her mediocre copy, that she is not able to attract attention on her own, therefore she steals another's image. Alina herself does not hurry to attack Lukyanov, believing that time will show which of them is worth. And she does not plan to use the created image for a long time. The girl dreams of family and children, her simple human values ​​attract her.

Anyway, Alina Kovalevskaya is a doll,which causes more respect for their communication with fans, sane posts with a clear statement of thoughts, the lack of excessive exploitation of the image of the toy.