/ The heroine of the popular mul'filma is Masha. Who voiced?

The heroine of the popular mul'filma is Masha. Who voiced?

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Cartoon "Masha and the Bear" does not leaveindifferent to anyone - neither children nor adults. And it's not surprising. Relaxed, restless girl Masha and the most kind, caring, economic bear - this tandem firmly rooted in the hearts of the audience. Surely many people have the question: "Who has such an interesting and memorable voice, which the main character of the cartoon says - Masha?" Who voices the mischievous girl? This information became known not so long ago. Alina Kukushkina not only looks like a cartoon Masha, but her real voice is almost the same as a cartoon.


Kukushkina Alina Ilyinichna was born on December 102002 in the city of Moscow. Her mother, Irina Kukushkina is an actress. The girl is at school by one five. And this, despite the fact that she has to constantly skip classes because of rehearsals. Most of all, Alina loves fine art and work. He dreams of becoming an actress. Also Alina is engaged in swimming and learning English, goes to a sewing circle.

The role of Masha is not the only one in her life.In 2010, Alina voiced Agnes in the Russian version of the film "Ugly I". In the same year in the video film "Fairies: Magical Salvation" she got the role of Lizzy. And in 2011 in the film "House of Dreams" - Dee Dee.

Alina is often invited to concerts and competitions as a host. In 2011, she led a concert in Vitebsk - "Slavonic Bazaar."

Every two months our heroine came torecording studio. Her very first job at such a young age is Masha. Who voices it better? For each series, she was paid a fee of about $ 300.


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In order to find a child whose voicewill speak Masha, employees of the studio "Animakkord" listened to all the children of their colleagues. Alina also auditioned for this role. She was then 6 years old. She was simply asked to say something into the microphone in a voice that she speaks in everyday life. After a while, the filmmakers phoned Irina Kukushkina and said that it was Alina who came up for this role. At first no one attached much importance to this. No one even thought that this project would be so popular.

Director of the studio "Animakkord" once confessed,that they were very lucky with Alina. She is a real "Masha". Who voices it better? No one else has such a piercing voice as our heroine. In the work Aline was assisted by a well-known animation director - Elena Semenovna Chernova.

About the film

Animation series was first calculatedfor children from 3 to 9 years. But cute heroes, their jolly adventures can attract the attention of both children and adults. The plot is based on the old Russian characters Masha and the Bear. Their life is adapted to modern times. Bear - a former circus artist. He has many awards, which he cherishes. At the moment, Mishka is on a well-deserved rest and lives in the forest. He has a quiet, measured life. It contains a garden, breeds bees. This went on until Masha came to him one day. The girl walked through the woods and accidentally got to his house. With her appearance of a quiet bear life came to an end. After all, Masha is so restless that it can not be held in place. Over time, Mishka became very attached to his new acquaintance.

At first, only 8 episodes were released.But the audience was so fond of the characters that they decided to withdraw the sequel. The cartoon was a huge success. The circulation of coloring books and books on the series totaled 400 thousand.

In 2009, for the series "One, two, three! Shine Christmas tree!", Directed by Oleg Uzhinov, at the seventh festival" Multivision "the tape" Masha and the Bear "wins in the nomination" The best film for children ".

In the same year at the sixteenth Bradford Festival "BAF 2009", for the series "The First Encounter" (the work of director Denis Chervyatsova) they receive a prize for "Best TV animated series".

Also in 2009, the Animated Film Festival took place, where the series received a prize for the "Best Film for Children", thanks to the "Traces of Unseen Beasts" section.

Bear and Teddy bear

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The main character is not the only character,which had to be voiced in the movie "Masha and the Bear." Who voices the bear and his chosen one, certainly no less interesting. Actually, they do not know how to communicate in human language and are explained with Masha with the help of gestures. But in the movie there are many songs in their performance.

Mishka sang in the film with the voice of Boris Kutnevich, and the bear was voiced by Alina's mother - Irina Kukushkina.

Masha's tales

Not so long ago in the light came out new cartoon series"Masha's tales". The main character is still Masha. Who voiced it in the new series? Can someone compare with Alina? Of course not! The main heroine of Masha is Alina Kukushkina. According to the plot of the film, the mischievous girl tells tales to all who find her on the way. Turns them around, dreams a lot, narrates how she wants. From this they did not become less interesting. Rather, on the contrary. Tales told by Masha, remained the same kind and became even more interesting.