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Alina Sandratskaya: biography, filmography, personal life

The young Russian actress Alina Sandratskaya was first seen in episodic roles in 2008.

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Childhood, family

The actress was born in the capital of our countryMay 22, 1984. Parents long thought how to name the long-awaited child, and eventually decided to combine their names - Alexander and Natalia. As a result, it turned out beautifully - Al-i-na. The girl's dad worked as a director, and his mother was a teacher at a music school.

From an early age, the little ones are relatives and friends of the familynoted that Alina Sandratskaya sings well. When she grew up a little, she was accepted into the Moscow choir of Boris Pokrovsky. After graduating from high school, Alina entered MGUKI at the Faculty of Cinema, Theater and Television.

As the actress recalls, her course (YuriNepomnyashchii) was experimental, so the main disciplines students studied not in the university, but in the theater. At the institute, they studied general subjects, passed exams.


The training took place at the Vernissage Theater.For the first time Alina Sandratskaya appeared on the stage in the play "The Old Fable". After graduating from school, the young actress left to work in the home theater, which was turned on by Yuri Nepomnyashchiy. Over the next four years, she performed the roles of Victoria ("Provincial Anecdote"), Jen ("Maria Tudor"), Sophia ("Woe from Wit") and others. The theater was musical, respectively, all the performances included dances and vocals.

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Alina Sandrackaya: Filmography

In the cinema, the actress came immediately aftergraduation from the university. In the beginning, these were tiny episodes. In 2008, Alina Sandrackaya received her first major role in the serial film "The Princess of the Circus". I must say that before this work, Alina was entrusted with the role of several naive heroines. Her new heroine, Dean, is the direct opposite of them. This is a characteristic, one might say, negative role.

Alina Sandratskaya, whose photo you see in thisarticle, does not consider Dean a negative character. According to her, this girl, who from the very first scene gives the impression of an impudent and rude person, is not really like that. She suffers from the fact that she is not loved, but replaces this light feeling with money. As a result - the appearance of a typical teenager from our rich family. The actress played this challenging role very convincingly and naturally.

Some actors believe that negativethe hero is easier to play. Alina does not agree with this opinion. She has her own opinion on this - a negative role is easier to play to someone to whom she is close in organics, but if she contradicts the nature of the actor, then it is incredibly difficult.

With special warmth, Alina recalls cooperation on the set with such experienced masters as Anna Kamenkova and Boris Andreev. This work has become a good school for a young actress.

"Wedding ring"

After the shooting of the "Princess of the Circus" Alinainvited to a new series - "Wedding Ring". In this picture she got the role of Oli Prokhorova. This is an eccentric and energetic girl who, by the time she was twenty, has seen a lot in her life. However, despite all the trials, she remained kind and cheerful.

Alina Sandratskaya very much doubted whether she couldto fulfill this role. An indigenous Muscovite from an intelligent family with a good education and upbringing should play a girl from a deep province and a troubled family. However, work on the role turned out to be interesting. Olya - the heroine is negative, but Alina tried to add her image a little kindness.

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Personal life

The name of the last series was for Alinaprophetic - during the filming, she married. The spouse of the actress is a bank employee with whom Alina was familiar long ago. Young people studied together at school, then lived for six years in a civil marriage, and finally formalized their relations. The wedding was modest, the newlyweds signed in the registry office, and in the evening they invited close relatives to the restaurant.