/ Money tree, or redsula. Home care

Money tree, or redsula. Home care

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Crassula has several more names:a money tree, a fat woman. This plant belongs to the genus succulents, grows in Africa and sultry Mexico. It is noteworthy that in nature redhusula can reach a height of 3-4 meters, whereas in indoor conditions it does not grow even up to a meter.

Interesting fact:such a plant as rosula (photos are shown) is very popular in the practice of feng shui. It is believed that if you place it in the right place, it will necessarily bring good luck in financial affairs to its owner.

Crassula: home care, growing and reproduction of plants

If you decide to have a plant likeplump, first you should find out about the conditions under which the flower feels most comfortable. Crassule is strictly forbidden to direct sunlight on the foliage: having a very delicate surface, they are immediately covered with severe burns. Young immature plants, caught in the rays of the scorching sun, may perish.

In the summer, you can take the rosula out onto the street.She is not afraid of temperature changes and will feel comfortable in a light shade. In order to uniformly form the foliage, the plant must be periodically turned by different sides to the illuminated side.

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The room temperature regime is perhaps the most comfortable for such plants as redsula. Care at home for him does not require any special knowledge or conditions.

The only thing that needs to be addressed is a specialattention is watering. Even in the hot summer period, the fat-leaf should be watered about 2-3 times a week. The earth in the pot must dry between waterings. True, do not allow too much drying. You should know that the roots of a fat woman from too abundant watering can quickly bend, and the plant will die.

Young plants grow very intensively, thereforethey must be transplanted each year to a more spacious container. It is desirable to select a pot that is wide and deep, because it is rosula, caring for which creates optimal conditions for the flower, with age it forms in a small, very branchy tree.

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Tolstyanka should be fed in the period of intensive growth: from the middle of spring to September. Fertilizer is better to choose a special, intended for succulents.

Crassula, home careis carried out correctly, grows very fast. Usually the sapling is cut, forming a beautiful crown. If this is not done, the plant can grow into a completely incomprehensible form. Sometimes lateral branches grow so much that they break under the weight of their own weight. So do not be afraid. Trim the fat, creating a neat and beautiful little tree.
Propagate the plant cuttings in spring oryear period. Cut off twigs left for a couple of hours in the air in order for the slices to dry up a little. Further cuttings are planted in the ground and covered with a film or a plastic bottle. Future saplings should be ventilated at least once a day in order to prevent the rotting of the cuttings.

Crassula, care at home after which does not give you much trouble, later grows into a smart branchy tree.