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Aichrizon: home care for a tree of love

Aichrizon care

Aichrizon is a succulent plant from the familyTolstyankov, a close relative of the well-known money tree. Aihrizon, care in the home or office environment behind which is quite simple, can be an excellent decoration of the interior for many years.

Aikhrizron: getting to know each other

Leaves and crown shape

Aihrizon is a relatively low plant,reaching a height of only 30 cm and 15-30 cm in diameter of the crown. The bushes of the aichrizon are perfectly branching, and the ends of the shoots are rosettes with small leaves covered with fluff from whitish short hairs. The color of the leaves can be either monophonic or mottled - with a white or cream border. For the original shape of leaves that look like hearts, Aihrizon home called "the tree of love." There is a belief that Aikhrizon keeps love and mutual understanding in the house where it grows, and the brighter and juicier the foliage of the tree, the warmer and more cozy atmosphere in the house and family.

Root system

Like other succulents, its not too powerfulThe root system is located in the upper soil layer and the house plant of Aichrizones. Care at home for him in this regard does not require planting a tree of love in too large deep pots. It is better to choose a wide flat tank with a good drainage system.


При должном уходе в апреле-мае аихризон выпускает peduncles, which are a whisk of small stars bright yellow or red, exuding a pleasant aroma. Flowering is long, can last up to six months.

Aichrone home care

Aichrizon: home care

The tree of love - a plant rather unpretentious, but nevertheless for its successful growth and development it is necessary to observe several conditions.


Throughout the year, the aichrizon, care for whichis conducted in room conditions, it should be sufficiently illuminated, while it should be protected from direct sunlight, as they can burn the tender leaves of the tree of love. In winter, when the light day is shortened, it is possible to carry out fluorescent lamp illumination.

Watering and humidity

Watering should be regular, but moderate.The need for irrigation is determined by the state of the earth coma: it must dry out more than half. Also you need to pay attention to the elasticity of shoots and leaves: as soon as they lose it, it's time to water. Humidity of air is not so demanding for Aichrizones. Care at home after him can be very successful and with dry air indoors.

Aichrizon home

Пересадку аихризона проводят весной по мере necessity. The whole earthen lump is permeated with roots - it means it's time to transfer the plant to another container. Like other succulents, the aichrone needs good drainage, and the soil will be the same as for its fellow cacti.


Propagation tree of love, as a rule, cuttings - rosettes with a patch of stem. Well, if you want to experiment, you can try to grow an ayrrizone from the seeds.

Here is a plant Aikhrizon - a tree of love. A little attention and care - and such a wonderful miniature tree will decorate your garden on the windowsill or workplace in the office, making it brighter and more comfortable.