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Flowers of the money tree. How a money tree blossoms: photo

The money tree is home to many.It is believed that this flower brings money, because it is called. But in fact his name - redsula, and he can be very, very different. However, in the people he was given other names: a fat woman and a fat woman, which, to a certain extent, can also cause associations with well-being. And an even better sign can be considered the observation of how the monetary tree blossoms (the photo is shown below).

A place in botany

In fact, redsula refers to the so-calledsucculents - plants that store water in reserve, like cacti. But, unlike the latter, it does not have thorns, but there are normal leaves. The genus Crassula has many species - about 300, but, as a rule, Crassula arborescens, or a tree-like plover, and C. ovata (oval) are grown at home. They may look more or less familiar, that is, they have round or slightly elongated leaves, but there are also specimens with triangular, square and other leaves.

how to care for a money tree

In nature

Many growers sometimes wonder when theysee that the flower that grows in their homes on the windowsill, easily took root in someone in the garden or just on the street, like a weed. Crassula, for example, is widespread in Latin America and Mexico, and some species in South Africa. Here only to find out it can not turn out, in fact it can grow up to 3 meters, at home such plant to contain it is impossible. Perhaps someone will ask: how to care for a money tree, if its homeland is a hot and desolate country? Do not arrange something similar at home. Of course, no, especially since the dewdrop and already in the premises feels great. So, how to care for a money tree so that it will please owners for many years?

Cultivation of the house

This rather unpretentious plant had tosoul to many mistresses. And the leaves, somehow reminiscent of coins, have become associated with financial well-being. Of course, Krasula does not bring money by itself, but the spirit and desire to earn them can support. In general, the popularity of this flower is not surprising. Crassula may well be the first plant for an inexperienced home "gardener." It does not require the maintenance of any difficult conditions and generally has a reputation as a completely unprincipled pet. And although it grows pretty fat, the flowers of the money tree are not that common. But if you set yourself such a goal, you can achieve it.

how to grow a money tree

By the way, this plant has pests.Often, it settles a mealy moth or spider mite, especially if the air in the apartment is dry. Also, redoubas can catch a fungus, getting rid of it will be quite difficult, so it's better to follow the basic rules, and then such troubles will not happen.


First of all it is necessary to say about a suitableground. Crassule likes loose turf soil with sand. Preference is given to bright light, but not to direct sunlight. However, the reds are pretty painless and tolerates penumbra, but in dark corners it can lose decorativeness, stretch out and turn pale. To the temperature, the fattened is more or less demanding - she likes warmth up to 22 degrees.

as a money tree blossoms photo

When watering, remember that the excess is scarier.lack. Moisten the soil more abundantly, but with sufficient interruptions, so that it has time to dry out. In the summer, watering, of course, more frequent than in winter. Additional moisturizing of the air or spraying the tolstick does not harm, but it is not required especially. Care is very simple, but even when performing all these simple actions, you can never see how the money tree blossoms. Photos of this phenomenon, of course, can be found easily, but it's so curious to see it with your own eyes!


Home money tree - this is the usualthe inhabitant of window sills in many Russian apartments. Such a picture does not surprise anyone. Only a beautifully shaped specimen can be interested, but not everyone has the desire and patience enough to learn how to grow a money tree and make bonsai out of it, although the result can turn out to be very curious.

Полив, подходящая почва и горшок, много света - so that the money tree blossoms, this is not enough. Many botanists say that for this plant should grow on the street, and not at home in the pot, because it is very fond of fresh air. You can try to simulate these conditions, in the summer, taking the reds to the dacha or putting it on the balcony until the fall.

flowers of a money tree Photo

Если устраивать "вольный режим" в теплое время year, and in winter to make the conditions of detention more cool, in comparison with the standard, you can achieve your own and still see the flowers of the money tree. It always happens somehow unexpectedly. Suddenly on the plant there are individual inflorescences, as a rule, they are few, but sometimes they cover the entire crown. Tolstyanka begins to barely perceptibly fragrant. And these delicate pink, white, yellow flowers, it turns out, are incredibly beautiful looking and in harmony with its thick leaves. The whole plant seems to be transformed, and it seems that the name "Tolstyanka" sounds somehow insulting and absolutely does not fit this beauty. And although the flowers of the money tree themselves are rather plain, the overall picture is simply wonderful. True, do not forget that the tender inflorescences are poisonous, so it is not worth trying for them - it can have serious consequences.

home money tree


To the money tree blossom, it is necessary to attacha little more effort. It implies good care and timely feeding the plant with useful substances. Many owners consider this superfluous, since without fertilizers, the rosula looks great. And yet, during the period of active growth, that is, from the end of spring to the beginning of autumn, once every two weeks with watering, you can make additional fertilizing. Special mixtures for succulents and cacti are quite suitable. A couple of years of such a life - and you can expect flowers of the money tree. The photo can then be shown to friends as evidence that your efforts were not in vain.

the money tree blossomed


Tolstyanka is perfectly capable of propagation, withrooting, too, problems do not arise. It is best to do this in the spring, immediately after the beginning of active sap movement: under the sun and in the warmth the process will go much faster. And how to grow a money tree from seeds, and is it even possible? There are no problems with this, but for young plants you need to choose the right pot - it should be wide and flat, otherwise the flower will start to stretch up and grow weak.

By the way, most species of redsail lives wellfor several years in the same substrate, so that it is often not necessary to transplant them. In an extreme case, if it seems that the pot is really getting too small, you can gently carry out the transshipment and leave the plant alone for another 3-4 years.

flowers of a money tree

In culture and traditions

Роль денежного дерева, приносящего удачу в financial affairs, Krasula began to play when the Eastern doctrine of harmony in a house called Feng Shui spread in the West. According to him, the fat girl can attract funds to the family, improve her financial situation. And an incredibly good sign is the situation when the flowers of the money tree appear, especially if there are a lot of them. This may mean that soon the financial flow will literally flow to the owner. Where exactly - depends on the situation. It can be a promotion or even a new field of activity that will become a source of income, or maybe an inheritance from distant relatives, a lottery - in general, anything. It is not surprising that the landlady wants to learn how to look after the money tree so that it blossoms.

Wishes of financial luck are especially useful.young families, just starting an independent life. And if at the wedding a gift in the form of a bastard may not be very appropriate, then as a souvenir for a housewarming party it will suit perfectly!