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Tolstyanka: care at home, transplant, watering

Tolstyanka, or as it is also called a money tree, refers to succulents. This plant is rather unpretentious, looks original, something like a bonsai.

What is the difference between a fat girl?Care at home for this plant is reduced to timely watering and fertilizing. To the temperature regime it is not very demanding. Flowers are thick-skinned, care of which is very simple, in winter like to stay away from batteries and heaters. Too dry air can cause the leaves to fall off, as well as their drying.


As for lighting, the fat girl prefers a bright place with a bright but diffused light.

But if you talk about watering, then you need to be extremely careful, and do not flood the plant, because the roots can very quickly rot, even in such a plant, like a roomy flower, a fat woman.

Care and rules for watering are simple: water only when the top layer of the soil dries to a depth of about 4 cm.

Tolstyanka, like all indoor plants, needs fertilizing, especially during the period of active growth. Universal fertilizers are suitable for it, it is necessary to feed the flower approximately once a month.

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Tolstyanka (care at home for her does not require the creation of a special atmosphere) is very fond of a warm shower. A very useful procedure, in which dust and dirt are removed from the leaves.

This plant should be transplanted annually.Considering that the root system of a fatty woman is rather weakly developed, it is better to use a broad shallow pot. Tolstyanka, home care is very simple, transplanted by the method of transshipment, to exclude damage to the roots.

For this plant plays a very large roletrimming. Without it, something formless and unpretentious can grow. Usually the crown of a plant is formed by pinching the upper kidney. Due to this, lateral shoots begin to grow in growth, and a small neat tree is formed. Any cut must be processed, sprinkling it with coal.

Tolstyanka, home care for which is carried out correctly, very often blooms. True, the flowers are barely noticeable and unpretentious.

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Money tree is quite resistant to differentdiseases, but sometimes it can be attacked by a pest such as a scab. It is not difficult to get rid of this insect, it is enough to treat the affected plant with a soap solution.

The money tree gets along well with othersplants. It looks good in group compositions. Since the plant is unpretentious in the summer, it is often used in the design of artificial reservoirs. In addition, these flowers are just perfect for offices that are given a more finished look.

This houseplant is divided intoseveral types: tree-like (can grow up to 1 meter in height); tetrahedral (appearance resembles a shrub); plumaceous (refers to semishrubs, used mainly in the design of greenhouses); portlanovoe, or ovoid.