/ The Magic Money Tree. Reproduction and care

A magical money tree. Reproduction and care

From time immemorial people decorated their own dwellingsdifferent plants. Today, to count the number of all existing indoor flowers can, perhaps, only an experienced florist. However, some varieties are widely distributed, so you can meet them in any apartment. People often keep a money tree on their windowsill. Reproduction of it is very simple, and there is a lot of benefit - according to Feng Shui, it brings wealth and success, and it just makes the eye happy. Still this flower is called a thick-skinned. The money tree sheet is very juicy and voluminous. Flowers are white or pale pink with a sweetish smell.

Let's talk more about such a wonderfuland a little mysterious plant, like a money tree. Reproduction and care of him is of no particular complexity, but nevertheless there are secrets here. In order for your money tree to be beautiful and strong, you need to follow certain rules, which will be listed below.

Money Tree

Money Tree. Reproduction and care

Let's start with the transplant.To do this, it is enough to break or take the fallen leaf and put it in water. A glass of water is better placed in the sun. It is desirable to change water regularly. If everything is done correctly, then most likely, in a week or two, the roots will appear. Take this leaf and carefully planted in soft ground. Soil is better to buy already ready, as it is processed with special solutions. This gives more guarantees for the further absence of parasites. Watering the sprout should not be more than 4-5 days, but if necessary, this amount increases. Do not forget also about one important point - loosen the earth every week and a half. This is necessary in order for oxygen to reach the roots. But do it very carefully, try not to damage the roots. And you will soon have a beautiful money tree. Reproduction by seeds is a troublesome business, take this into consideration.

The money tree is a sun-loving plant, and inIt stretches out the shadow. So it is better to keep it on the windowsill of the south side of the apartment. Another important point - the money tree loves the air, so in summer take it out to the balcony.

Money Tree

A big role in growing this tree is played bywatering. It is necessary to moisten the flower abundantly only during a period of active growth. But do not get carried away - in the swamp the soil should not be turned. When the plant grows up, and the growth phase slows down, water it no more often than once a week. The soil must be slightly moist at all times, but not wet. This especially applies to the cold season, otherwise the roots of the flower will rot. Top dressing is done only during the growing season.

The money tree is a truly long-lived plant.It can exist more than twenty years. Over time, the flower will require a transplant. The money tree can be transplanted into a greenhouse, if available, or simply to the garden. But do not forget to wrap it up for the winter.

With proper care, the plant can throw outflower. The money tree blooms very rarely, since it is a "natural miracle" originally from South America, where there is a lot of sunlight. Daylight day there is much more than we have, that's why in the national latitudes the flowering of the money tree is a rarity. This process lasts several months. According to Feng Shui it is believed that if this miracle happened to you and the tree blossomed, then soon success and wealth are waiting for you.

flowers of a money tree
Nevertheless, you can achieve flowering in our country.As already mentioned above, the correct watering is required. We also mentioned the fresh air. It is also believed that if the flower is transplanted in the spring, the chances of flowering increase. In winter, it is better not to deposit a money tree near heat sources. Choose the coolest room for him. And yet: love him with all your heart. And it will thank you not only for beautiful flowers, but for wealth!