/ / Tolstianka, money tree: caring for the mascot of your house.

Tolstyanka, money tree: caring for the mascot of your house.

Tolstianka is a luxurious house plant, symbolizing money abundance. In order for a tree to feel great and "attract" well-being, it is necessary to take care of it carefully.

Tolstyanka, money tree: care and watering

The money tree is characterized by sufficientendurance. It will calmly survive a prolonged lack of watering. Nevertheless, in the period from March to September, more active moistening of the soil is required. At the same time, make sure that the water in the pot does not stagnate, otherwise the roots will begin to rot.

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It is desirable that the pot was alwaysloose, porous earth. A good drainage will protect the roots from stagnant water. The soil must be half diluted with sand and fine gravel. A ready mix can be found in a flower shop.

Several times a month you need to feed a fatty woman with a liquid fertilizer. You can use fertilizing for succulents.

From April to September, you can keep the tree onopen air. Lighting should be bright enough, but do not put the plant in direct sunlight. Aggressive sun can cause the appearance of red burns on the leaves.

Jade, money tree: how to care for the crown?

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Luxurious and branched tree will only be subject to proper care. If you do not take care of your green pet, its branches will be long and thin, and the leaves will decorate only the top.

Деревце лучше формировать, пока оно маленькое.Do not plant jade in a wide and tall pot. In a large volume of land, the root is pulled down, and the plant stem, respectively, begins to grow rapidly upwards and thin. If your beautiful woman lives in a big pot, urgently transplant her into a flat pot. If the root seems to be too long, cut it with scissors during transplantation.

If the height of the tree is about 15 centimeters, and it has not yet managed to branch out, pinch off two small leaves on the top of the plant.

You can pinch off a few leaves, but at the endTwigs should in any case remain two large leaves. In time, branching will begin in this place: two pairs of leaflets form. If only a couple of leaves remain for a long time, try deleting them too.

You can also form a tall tree. However, if you shorten the hardened branches, hemp will remain.

Jade, money tree: care and reproduction

Propagate the plant very easily. Break off a small sprig and put it in water. A few days later the twig will give roots. Try, perhaps, the breeding of money trees will become your hobby.

Jade, money tree: care for leaf fall

how to care for a money tree

Diseases of plants and visit the money tree (jerky): how to care, if the leaves fall?

Leaf fall can be caused by excessive watering, overdose of mineral fertilizers or prolonged heat.

Abundant watering in combination with poor drainagesystem leads to stagnation of water at the bottom of the pot. Then the tree can hit fusarium rot. In a diseased plant, the roots rot and a whitish-pink bloom on the root neck is formed. Urgently transplant a tree! Do not be lazy to thoroughly clean the roots of the old land and cut off the rotten areas. In the future, water the plant only when the earthen room is noticeably dried.

Leaf fall may be caused by an excess of mineral salts applied to the soil along with liquid fertilizer. Salvation will also be the transfer of bastard in the fresh ground.

During prolonged heatdiscards healthy leaves in the hope that they will give offspring. If all the leaves have fallen from the tree, wait for the formation of lateral shoots or cut off the top of the stem and root it.

In order for you all the year round to be pleased with the beauty of the bolster, money tree, care should be regular and caring.