Indoor trees

Any of us wants to live and work in a beautiful,comfortable environment, breathe fresh, oxygen-enriched air and be in tune with nature. In this we can help home plants, for example, indoor trees.


Since ancient times, people have decorated their homesa variety of plants that helped them in the long winter evenings to feel the summer heat and recharge their positive energy. In their home they were happy to place indoor trees and flowers. Our grandmothers grew ficuses, palms, myrtles, lemons, cared for them and cherished in every possible way. In Soviet times, ficus was an invariable attribute of any institution. They decorated the foyer of theaters and cinemas, and in all cafes and restaurants stood flowerpots with palm trees, ficus and lemon trees.

Types of indoor trees

Today you can choose any indoor tree byyour taste. Eyes run away from the variety of species of these plants. This coffee tree, feijoa, diffenbachia and oleanders, dracenas and monsters, hibiscuses and abutilons. You can choose flowering and evergreen, as well as fruit bearing. At the same time, you need to take a very serious approach to choosing a tree, so that you feel comfortable with being near it.


A huge demand for a house treebonsai. This miniature, designed specifically for the house plant. The art of bonsai originated in China before our era and won worldwide fame and love. In this style, you can grow any tree (maple, pine, juniper, etc.). Before you buy a plant, be sure to learn how to properly care for it.

Care of the house trees

Depending on the species, indoor trees requirespecial, but always thorough care. Some are more sun-loving, others, on the contrary, prefer a shadow. Transplant these plants only in a special substrate, necessary for this variety, spray and water only with standing water. The more attention you pay to your plants, the more they will please you.

Where to have trees?

In this issue, there are no difficulties, since forindoor plants can fit any room. True, with regard to capricious trees it is better to consult a specialist. Room trees will feel good in the apartment and in the office. The main thing is to try to avoid drafts and do not place them near batteries and heaters. If you find a convenient place for them, they will look fresh and well-groomed always.

Money Tree

In many houses of our fellow citizens there is a largenumber of indoor flowers. The money tree takes an important place among them. He is credited with all sorts of miraculous properties. It is believed that the plover draws money to him, and how strong and fleshy are her leaves, so you are provided with a good financial position. So it or not, it is difficult to say, but if your money tree is healthy and well-groomed, then your mood will be excellent, and you will be able to earn enough money to improve the welfare of your family.


Tolstyanka refers to succulents and is brought to us from Madagascar or equatorial Africa. Despite its southern origin, it has perfectly taken root in our northern latitudes.

Care for the money tree

Thanks to its leaves, saturated with moisture,Tolstyanka very well tolerates the heat and does not require regular watering. In the summer, you can water it twice a week (you can have one), and from September to February it is enough once in two months. This unpretentiousness can boast of a few room flowers. The money tree does not like sprinkling. Wipe the leaves regularly, and it will feel good. Try to keep the plump woman in a cool place, she does not like the heat. Proper maintenance of the money tree will serve your material well-being and improve the energy of your home.