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How to transplant a money tree: tips for gardeners

In the people, the plant is called a money-beartree. This is due to the unusual shape of its leaves resembling small coins. There is a belief that if there is this plant in the house, then it will always be money. The popularity of this indoor flower often gives rise to the question of how to transplant Money Tree. After all, according to the belief, in order for it"earned", a person must grow it himself. It is quite easy to do this. The plant can develop independently from one leaf or twig. All that is required of a person is to create optimal conditions for him and transplant in time.

How to transplant the money tree correctly

how to transplant a money tree
It is necessary to begin this process not earlier than the middlespring. The beginning of May is the optimal time. Due to the fact that the fat girl grows very slowly, it is necessary to transplant it into a larger pot once every few years. However, if you provide all the conditions for plant growth - the proper amount of water, light and fertilizers, this can cause a period of rapid growth and transplantation may be required after a year. Anyone who asks himself the question of when a money tree can be transplanted should carefully monitor the plant and, with the slightest indication that it is cramped, begin to move the flower to a more spacious pot.

For the transplant, it is best to use the followingsoil mixture: 1 part of sand, 1 part of sod land and 3 leaves. In addition, it needs to add a few tablespoons of ash, humus and ordinary clay. At the bottom of the pot you need to pour a little claydite. This will ensure proper drainage and will not allow water to stagnate.

Anyone who knows how to transfer moneytree, it is known that the pot for planting should be deeper and larger than the previous one. It is worth noting that the roots of a fat woman do not tend to grow large, but the capacity should be stable. This is due to the fact that the plant acquires a large number of dense leaves, and as a result, the pot, if it is not wide enough, can turn over.

when you can transplant a money tree

How to transplant a money tree: the subtleties of the process

In the selected container, severalcentimeters of drainage, after which you can add soil. It should take about a quarter of a pot. At the bottom, you can put a couple of small coins, which, according to legends, activates the energy of the plant. Place the money tree should be strictly in the center of the container, after which you need to pour the earth into the pot. For those who do not know how to transplant the money tree, it is very important to remember that after the procedure the plant needs abundant watering. In addition, to ensure proper access of oxygen to the roots of the flower, the ground must be periodically loosened with a small stick. In good weather, it can be left on the balcony or the windowsill. However, direct sunlight should be avoided in order to prevent the leaves from getting a flower of burns.

how to transplant the money tree correctly

После пересадки следует направить энергию plants in the necessary channel. To do this, you need to take a few coins and, tying them with a red ribbon, tied to a flower. The pot must be placed in the south-eastern part of the living room. It will attract positive energy and prosperity to the house.