/ How to make a money tree from beads?

How to make a money tree from beads with your own hands?

Money tree of beads with their own hands can be done pretty quickly and easily. For this it is only necessary to stock up some patience, the necessary materials and show creative imagination.

Many refuse to make beads their ownthe money tree's hands only because they do not know how to weave different shapes from small beads with holes. However, in this creative work it is absolutely not necessary to master this technique in perfection. This is due to the fact that the beads are needed only for the simple and easy creation of leaves, and the trunk and branches themselves will be made of wire and gypsum.

How to make a money tree from beads with your own hands?

Necessary tools and materials for work:

  • small decorative pot - one piece;
  • thick copper wire - two or three meters;
  • gypsum - two hundred grams;
  • glue PVA - one hundred milliliters;
  • thin copper wire - three to four meters;
  • beads of green shades or Chinese coins - several packages (for leaflets);
  • nippers - for separation of wire;
  • spray paint of golden or brown color - one can;
  • dishes for breeding adhesive.

money tree from beads own hands
Step-by-step instruction for creating a trunk

Money tree from beads own hands (more precisely,its frame) should be made of thick copper wire. It is worth noting that the size and direction of growth of such a plant you should choose at your own discretion. However, the more branches there are on the tree, the denser and more beautiful will be your self-created souvenir. Thus, when constructing a base of wire, it should immediately be installed in a small decorative pot and fixed with a special glue.

In order to create this mass, in a separatebowl in equal proportions to mix PVA glue and building gypsum. It is worth noting that this mixture hardens instantly, so it is recommended to use it very quickly for the intended purpose.

After the frame is installed in the pot,should proceed to its design. To do this, the newly diluted sticky mass is required to stick to the wire so that it eventually resembles a tree trunk.

from beads own hands
Money tree of beads. With our hands create beautiful and bright leaves

While the gypsum trunk is hardening, one can tacklethe creation of the crown. To do this, you need to use a thin copper wire, on which you want to string green beads and twist it into the shape of a leaf. The more such blanks will be, the thicker the tree will be.

How to make a money tree with your own hands from coins purchased in a store?

Such a souvenir turns out beautiful and unusual notonly from beads, but also from Chinese coins, which can be purchased in stores selling the symbols of feng shui. They twist on a thin copper wire in the same way as beads.

money tree with your own hands of coins
The final stage in the creation of a money tree

Prepared leaves of beads or coinsshould be fixed on the trunk, and then tightly closed with foil and paint the tree in a golden or brownish color with a paint sprayer. After that, it is recommended to leave the souvenir for a couple of days for complete drying.