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Daewoo Damas: description and specifications

South Korean concern GM Daewoo introduced DaewooDamas is an analogue of the Japanese car Suzuki Carry. Initially, the microvan was produced in South Korea, but in 1996 the rights to assemble it were transferred to the new UZDaewooAuto plant. In addition to Uzbekistan, car production was carried out in China and Romania. In the world automobile market, it was also known under the names of Chevrolet CMV, Wulin and Daewoo Attivo.

The microvaine Daewoo Damas was produced duringten years, after which in 2006 his restyling was conducted. The second generation was named Damas II and became more comfortable and dynamic. The right to manufacture the car was transferred in 2014 to the Khorezm automobile plant located in Uzbekistan and part of the GM Uzbekistan concern.

The minibus Damas II is popular with motorists who use it for commercial transportation.

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Daewoo Damas: technical specifications

The first generation Damas was a rear-wheel-drive minivan with an all-metal body and the following specifications:

  • The length of the body is 3230 millimeters.
  • The width is 1400 millimeters.
  • The height is 1920 millimeters.
  • The ground clearance is 160 millimeters.
  • The curb weight is 810 kg.
  • The maximum speed is 114 km / h.
  • Dynamics of acceleration to 100 km / hour - 24.5 seconds.
  • The average fuel consumption is 4.1 liters.

Microversion was produced in three- and five-door versions of the body with a side sliding door.

Layout Daewoo Damas classicthree-row. The luggage compartment can be significantly increased by dismantling the last row of seats. An additional option is to install luggage fittings on the roof. Interior trim vinyl, in the version DLX - fabric.

Daewoo Damas three-cylinderpower unit with a power of 36 horsepower and a four-stage or five-speed manual transmission. The engine placement was very unusual - between the front seats of the minibus.

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The manufacturer offered microvan Damas in several versions:

  1. VAN. Freight version with one heater and no rear door windows, passenger seats and windows on the sides of the body.
  2. STD. Passenger version in the base configuration. Equipped with two-speed janitors and two heaters.
  3. DLX. Passenger version in top-end configuration.Equipped with heated rear window, two heaters, a staircase threshold, a heater under the front seats, stereo and windshield wipers with three high-speed modes.

The five-door modification of Damas due to itsoperational characteristics and almost complete absence of competition in the occupied market segment was recognized as the most popular commercial vehicle in the Daewoo Corporation program, as a result of which the management of the South Korean concern decided to carry out the restyling of the minibus.

The second generation Damas

Restyled version of Daewoo Damas II was demonstrated in 2005. Serial production of microvan was started in February 2006.

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Exterior changes

Major adjustments have been made to the design of the body of the car. In order to improve safety, the developers have changed the dimensions of the minibus:

  • The length of the body is 3485 millimeters.
  • The height is 1920 millimeters.
  • The width is 1400 millimeters.

The second generation received a new design of the bumper, side mirrors and rear optics. On the sides of the body were added decorative stickers.

Interior of a minibus

The second generation Daewoo Damas II was positioned primarily as a commercial vehicle. In this regard, a special level of comfort and convenience from the salon of the minibus can not wait.

The dashboard is informative, but at the same timeergonomic and extremely practical - it contains only the necessary instruments: a fuel level and ambient temperature sensor, a speedometer and an indication of the seat belts being fastened.

The steering wheel is located almost horizontally, while the back of the driver's seat is strictly vertical.

The passenger version is equipped with 7 passenger seats, in the cargo version only two seats are provided - for the driver and the passenger.

The safety system is represented only by the driver's and front passenger's seat belts.

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Engine line

Restyled version of Daewoo Damas was equippedhybrid three-cylinder F8CLLPG engine with an electronic fuel injection system and a capacity of 45 horsepower. In the complete set with the power unit the five-step mechanical transmission was established.

Brake system and suspension

Front suspension Daewoo Damas II - classic independent McPherson, equipped with a stabilizer bar, rear - dependent spring with an integral bridge.

The brake system is equipped with a hydraulic drive and a vacuum amplifier. Front brakes are ventilated disc, rear - standard drum.

The minibus differs with its unpretentious operation and excellent maintainability: Daewoo Damas spare parts are easy to get, the prices are low.

You can buy microvan in secondary automotive markets at an affordable price: second-hand Damas will cost at least 50-90 thousand rubles.