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Lada Largus - technical specifications

The new "Lada Largus" is completely built onknown platform of French production. The basic design principles were developed by the engineers of Renault. This car is very similar to the Dacia Logan MCV (it is successfully sold in European markets), but is not its 100% counterpart. To its design, domestic engineers have put their hand, so it is optimized for our conditions and roads.

Lada lergus specifications.

To date, this car is represented in 3Modifications: 2 passenger and 1 freight. Passenger models differ only in the number of seats: in one of them there are 5 seats, and in the other - 7. Two types of 1.6-liter engines are installed for the car "Lada Largus". Their technical characteristics are slightly different. In one case there are 8 cylinders, and the power of such a power unit is 84 liters. s., and in the other there are as many as 16. In this case, its power will increase to 105 hp. With a less powerful engine, this car accelerates to hundreds in 15.9 seconds. But a more progressive power unit allows you to dial the same speed for 13.1.

New frets larghus.

Next, consider the fuel consumption of the car"Lada Largus". The technical characteristics in this respect for each type of engine are significantly different. It costs a car with a power unit for 8 cylinders less, but consumes more gasoline and is in a mixed cycle of about 9.3 liters for every hundred kilometers. An instance of a car with a 16-cylinder engine allows you to save fuel, and this figure will already amount to 9 liters.

Lada largus specifications.

Now go to the car salon "Lada Largus".The technical characteristics are as follows: seats in one version 5, in the other - 7, in the body there are 4 doors and a folding tailgate. In the performance for 7 passengers the volume of the luggage compartment is 135 liters. The last row of seats can be folded, then this figure will increase to 560 liters. A similar figure for a vehicle designed for the transportation of 5 passengers. The ground clearance of this car is 160 mm and this figure allows it to perfectly feel on domestic roads, which are known for their "quality". Let's pay attention to the appearance of the car "Lada Largus". The technical characteristics on this side are the following: length is 4450 mm, width - 1740 mm, height (with roof mounted on the roof) is 1636 mm. As you can easily understand from the above parameters - it's a spacious family-class car, which can easily transfer 5 or 7 people.

You can say that this is the firstdomestic car of this class. At the same time, it is very accessible and a family with an average income can easily afford it. From the position of quality and comfort, it has no equal among its competitors. All components of Lada Largus: technical characteristics, configuration, comfortability distinguish it against the background of family-class vehicles. The engine in this car is quite economical, but it's powerful enough, and it's enough for everyday driving.