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Chevrolet Lanos - owner reviews, technical information, brand history

Chevrolet lanos (Read the owners reviews below) - this is one ofmost affordable cars represented on the market of the Russian Federation. Available in three trim levels: SX, S, SE. Engine power for cars with a body type "sedan" is 86 liters. with. (volume 1.5) or 70 liters. with. (volume 1.3).

A bit of history

The car was developed by Daewoo (Daewoo)and was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1997 under the name DEU Lanos (T-100 - factory index). Later, in 2000, a slight restyling was made, as a result of which the shape of the rear lights and the trunk lid (T-150) were changed. After acquiring a controlling stake in Daewoo by GM, part of the T-150 began to be sold in a number of countries under the well-known brand Chevrolet Lanos. Reviews of the first buyers of the old car under the new name were in most cases positive. The car was produced in Poland (from 1997 to 2008) and in South Korea (from 1997 to 2004), as well as in some other countries.

In Ukraine, collected from 2001 to 2010car under the brand Daewoo Lanos T-100 with engines from the company Daewoo and a half liters (five-door hatchback and sedan) from the Polish parts. In addition, ZAZ Sens and L-1300 cars were produced here for the domestic market, and since 2004, the Zaporozhye car factory started production of Chevrolet Lanos, the technical characteristics of which fully corresponded to variations of the T-150 with a sedan-type body structure. .

However, in 2009 the contract expiredZaporizhia Automobile Plant and GM DAT. Since both in the Russian and Ukrainian market, these cars are sold under the brand name ZAZ Chance in the three trim levels listed above.

About car

Over the design of the Chevrolet Lanos worked a talented Italian artist Giorgetto Giugiaro. The car still looks harmonious in the stream and does not stand out among other modern cars.

The salon is quite roomy, and you canensure that neither the driver nor the passengers get tired after a long trip. The front panel is made of inexpensive but high-quality plastic. The dashboard has all the necessary pointers and sensors that are easily visible and conveniently located. By the way, the tachometer is not installed on all Chevrolet Lanos cars. Reviews of the owners indicate that the luggage compartment of the car is quite roomy - 322 liters, and with the rear seats disassembled in the 60/40 ratio - 958 liters. So to load a pair of bicycles or several bags of potatoes into a car is quite a solvable matter.

Chevrolet Lanos. Specifications and safety

Reinforced body structure (rear and frontracks reinforced passenger frame), inertial seat belts, driver airbag - the manufacturer took care of both active and passive safety of the driver and passengers. The last cars on the Chevrolet crash tests were rated 10.5, but before that it was only 6 points!

The basic package includes engine volumeone and a half liter (86 l. forces), manual gearbox, radio and audio preparation, acoustic system with two pairs of speakers, steel wheels, body-colored bumpers, spare tire, front cup holders, rear window heating, rear mudguards, driver airbag , power steering.

Chevrolet Lanos. Owner reviews

We can say that Chevrolet Lanos isthe car that best combines value for money. Simplicity, reliability of operation, availability in service - all this is Chevrolet Lanos. Reviews of the owners say that in most cases Lanos, produced in South Korea and Poland, combine the best quality, assembly and anti-corrosion treatment of the metal. If you are faced with a choice between the Ukrainian and Polish Lanos, then choose the latter. However, please note that when buying a used car, it is important to know the conditions under which it was used.