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Technoelast EKP: technical characteristics and features of use

Technoelast EKP, technical characteristicswhich will be described in the article, is a roofing material used for waterproofing works. It is used for the arrangement of the upper layer of the roof. According to the rules, it should be used in tandem with a lining, if we talk about the material of the same brand, this is the Technoelast EPP. But if there is a need to repair the roof, which has been in operation for several years, then the described waterproofing can be laid and in one layer.

Features of Technoelast EKP

Technoelast EKP, technical characteristics

Technoelast EKP, whose technical characteristics today attract many consumers, can be used on systems that have some bias.

The installation is also possible in the case whenThe surface has not yet passed the stage of full shrinkage and may undergo a change in its original dimensions. The material is not afraid of the effects of temperatures, which is why it can be used even at -30 0With, thus he does not lose the qualities anddimensions. Among its features can be distinguished excellent heat resistance, it copes well with the onset of sunlight and precipitation. It is used as a waterproofing agent for the reason that it demonstrates the qualities of perfect water resistance, and it can serve for 25 years or more.

Description of Technoelast EKP

technoelast ekp technical characteristics group of flammability

Техноэласт ЭКП, технические характеристики which is presented in the article, is based on a durable polyester. His plus is also the fact that he is completely not putrefied. On both sides, the modified bitumen is applied to the material. On the outside, there is a coating made of coarse-grained powder. At the heart of the last shale crumb, which in some cases is replaced by a granulate of red, green or gray. But the bottom of the material contains a protective film that can be melted. This allows simple laying by initial heating with a propane torch and subsequent leveling.

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Technoelast EKP, the technical characteristics of which will help you determine the choice, has a weight of 5.2 kg / m2. This waterproofing has a thickness of 4.2 mm, while its length and width are limited to 10 and 1 m, respectively. The material does not lose its characteristics at a temperature of 100 aboutFROM.

In appearance, this waterproofing is likefoam white polyethylene. The material is characterized by a high level of elasticity. If it is stretched, then it will increase in size by 60% of the original dimensions, this makes it possible to use it on structures that are subject to movement.

Features of use

Technoelast EKP, technical characteristics, weightwhich have been mentioned above, must be laid on a previously leveled surface. In this case, you can use cement mortar. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of the waterproofing, because after its installation in the irregularities will not accumulate water.

After pouring, the solution should settle, thatwill allow him to gain strength. After that, the surface must be treated with a bitumen primer. This will help get rid of the existing small cracks and will ensure quality bonding of the material to the base of the roof of the house or any other building. If there are significant cracks on the surface after leveling, you can get rid of them by applying a mastic to the substrate. Once all the preparatory layers have dried, you can sample the roll in place by applying it. In those places where the surface ends, you need to make a cut. The remaining material must be rolled back into a roll and the burner ready for operation, and it makes it easy to weld the layer.

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Flammability and density

Техноэласт ЭКП, технические характеристики, the combustibility group of which forces consumers to choose this particular material, should unfold as soon as it is welded as slowly as possible, this will eliminate the appearance of distortions during laying. According to GOST 30244, ECP has a group of flammability G4. Before purchasing the material, it is important to remember that it can be stored for up to a year before it is laid.

Technoelast EKP, technical characteristics, the density of which must be known before installation, can be used in all climatic zones without exception. The density of the material is 4 kg / m2, if it is used together with EPP, thenthe efficiency of the material rises, but it is important to remember that the surface in the end should be completely hermetic, should not have bubbles and other stowage errors. Only then will you get the expected result.