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Car Daewoo Nexia: reviews of the owners

When choosing a machine with a limited budget, eachtries to find the most advantageous option. People sort out a lot of ads, watch a lot of cars and come to the conclusion that the car "Daewoo Nexia" is quite good. This car is very popular in Russia and CIS countries. The car belongs to the budget class and was serially produced from 95th to 2014. Today you can find a lot of options at an affordable price. The average cost of a ten-year "Nexia" is about 150 thousand rubles. What are the features of this car and what problems can the future owner face? Reviews of the owners of Daewoo Nexia, photos, technical specifications - later in this article.


"Nexia" - one of the few cars of a budget class, the design of which was developed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

daewoo nexia reviews

This Italian designer was able to createalmost a new car, while 80 percent of the "Nexia" is the same "Cadet" from the 80's. Appearance turned out so successful that the first restyling of the car was made only thirteen years later. What the updated "Nexia" looks like, the reader can see in the photo below.

daewoo nexia owners reviews

With the minimum number of changes this machinebecame even more modern. The new look is given to the new lensed optics, as well as a relief bumper with a radiator grill elongated forward. Changed and the back of the car. So, after 2008, the car received a new trunk lid and lights. In the rest, the car remained the same. By the way, the body of the restyling version has the marking N150, and the pre-styling version - N100.

Interesting fact:headlights and bumper of the new "Nexia" exactly the same as the old one, which was produced back in the 90's. In the secondary market, you can find many copies with a new "muzzle", while in the technical passport the year of release before 2008. Usually, the owners do this in order to refresh the look. But there are also those who are trying in this way to restore a former accident in the accident. Therefore, when buying Daewoo Nexia, reviews are advised to inspect the power elements of the body - glasses and spars. You can find an unbroken instance. But unpainted is quite difficult. The machine (especially the Uzbek assembly) often rot. In their native paint there were perhaps the first Korean copies, of which there are only one in the market.

Dimensions, clearance

The car, judging by the size, fits into the frameC-class. So, the length of the car is 4.4 meters, width - 1.66, height - 1.4 meters. The car is rather compact and there are no problems with parking in close places. Another plus, which is noted in the Daewoo Nexia 2012 reviews, is a high ground clearance. On regular 14-inch wheels the ground clearance reaches 16 centimeters. Thanks to the short and high bumpers, this machine easily climbs to steep irregularities. Such a car is very difficult to land, say the owners of Daewoo Nexia 2012.


Salon of the first generation in many respects similar to"The Cadet". True, here the steering wheel, seats, door cards are changed and the analog clock is removed from the console. Now they have become electronic and are located at the top of the torpedo. The instrument panel was of two types: with and without tachometers. The latter was on GL versions. This is the basic equipment. The luxury GLE in addition to a full-fledged instrument panel is equipped with:

  • Air-conditioned.
  • Pillow of safety for the driver.
  • Electric windows for all doors.
  • Other door cards.
  • Other side mirrors.
daewoo nexia salon

Heated rear window and plush seat upholstery were already in the initial version. But the chairs were adjusted only by hand.

After restyling, the interior design has changed."Nexia" received a new "europanel", another instrument panel, door cards and steering wheel. The rest of the car remained the same. What are the "sores" of Daewoo Nexia 2010? The owners' comments say that the most important disadvantage is the poor noise isolation. Yes, it's quieter here than in "Prior" (the motor is almost not audible), but the creak of plastic sometimes makes you crazy. Also in the salon comes the sound of the suspension. The glove compartment is very small, there is no central armrest. Music - medium, supports only tapes or disks.

daewoo nexia 2009

Among the advantages of the car Daewoo Nexia 2010 reviewsnote good ergonomics (it was thought by the Germans when creating the "Cadet") and a capacious trunk for 500 liters. There is also a hatch for skis. Electronics do not buggy, but the compressor must be regularly refueled.

Power section

The most common engine for the "Nexia"a half-liter engine for 80 horsepower. It should be noted that in different modifications this engine had 85 and 75 forces. Timing belt drive. Almost all motors have a simple eight-valve head, in which the valve does not bend. By the way, since 95 year all the engines were injector. And the injection was distributed - for each injector per cylinder.

With the release of the restyling model, the machine becameequipped with a 1.6-liter engine with a 16-valve head. This engine was very dynamic. The power of the unit is 109 horsepower. All engines are very resourceful, say testimonials. Daewoo Nexia can go to overhaul about 300-350 thousand kilometers. And a manual transmission on 5 steps serves also that longer.

Expenditure, dynamics

If we talk about 1.5-liter engines, we should not count on an acceptable overclocking dynamics. These are very weak motors. Acceleration to a hundred of such a "Nexia" is about 12.5 seconds.

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The maximum speed is 170 kilometers per hour.The fuel consumption is 8.9 liters in mixed mode. But the 109-horsepower motor will be more interesting. With him, the car accelerates in 11 seconds to a hundred. In terms of consumption, the motor is identical to a one-and-a-half-liter one.

Motor problems

Among the problems, the reviews say:

  • Oil leakage from under the valve cover. The problem is solved by installing a lid from the "Lanos", which rises here without rework.
  • Contamination of oil channels due to incorrectly selected grease. Pour into the motor you need only what the manufacturer recommends.
  • Trembler ignition on the first engines. Often the contacts of the runner-Hall sensor burned down.
  • The current crankshaft oil seal. Because of it, oil fogging is formed on the outside of the ICE.

Otherwise, these motors do not cause problems.Once in 80 thousand km it is necessary to change the timing belt along with the roller on Daewoo Nexia. Reviews say that you can not allow a belt to break on a 109-horsepower motor. This is fraught with the bend of the valves. But the 8-valve in this regard is easier. Here the piston head does not touch the valve, no matter how the motor rotates.


Она в меру жесткая на «Нексии», но быстро «летят» ball. It is necessary to follow the dust guard of the joint, which can break at the most unpredictable moment. The rear beam is almost eternal, but the shock absorbers go up to 60 thousand km.

daewoo nexia 2005 reviews

Reika does not cause problems. Steering ends run up to 150 thousand miles or more. The front pillars change by 100-120 thousand with the support bearing. The latter begins to crunch characteristically.


So, we found out what the Daewoo Nexia car is. Reviews say that this machine fully justifies itself for this money. And small flaws it can be forgiven.