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New Mitsubishi L200: specifications and description of the Japanese pickup truck

The history of the pickup Mitsubishi L200 began in 2005year. A large, roomy and stylish car immediately attracted the attention of many car enthusiasts. And in 2015 a fifth-generation pickup truck was launched.

mitsubishi l200 specifications

Design and interior

The first thing to tell about the appearance of the model Mitsubishi L200. The technical characteristics of the novelty are important, but for starters - a few words about its design.

The length of the car reaches 5,285 mm.The width is 1,815 mm, and the height is 1,780 mm. The pickup looks very brutal and powerful. By the way, it has a solid ground clearance - from 19.5 to 20.5 centimeters (depends on the configuration).

Particular attention is drawn to the front part.New optics and the original, chrome-plated radiator grille add a certain feature to the car. If we talk about the rear, then only optics and bumpers have undergone changes. The convenient design of the luggage compartment remained the same as it was, so the pickup can still perform the duties of a "workhorse". In principle, this is the main purpose of the Mitsubishi L200.

The technical characteristics of the salon are also encouraging.The interior is not only designed in an elegant and attractive style. It is also thought out from the ergonomic point of view. On the center console, you can see the "climate" control unit and a wide display of the multimedia system. And right before the driver there is a stylish instrument panel on which the display of the route computer is visible. Multifunctional steering wheel has become even more convenient, as well as comfortable chairs with adjustments.

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What's under the hood?

The pickup Mitsubishi L200 technicalthe characteristics are quite good. It is offered with four different 4-cylinder engines. And of them - 3 diesel. Gasoline 2.4-liter engine boasts a capacity of 128 "horses". Diesel engines produce 128 and 178 hp. at a volume of 2.5 liters.

And the best engine is the 2.35-liter engine. Its capacity is 180 "horses". Unsurprisingly, it's a turbocharged Mivec. It is they who are equipped with the best versions of the Mitsubishi L200.

Specifications reallyare impressive, if we take into account the fact that each motor can be offered both with "mechanics" (for 5 or 6 speeds) and with a 5-step "automatic". Interestingly, the car has a frame structure, which is supplemented by an independent suspension.

But this is not all that can be told aboutMitsubishi L200. Specifications reviews are mostly positive, and it's easy to understand, because the novelty pleases the presence of power steering and drum brake system. In addition, the buyer has a choice - he can buy a version with either two or five places. A single, double and a half cabin is offered. In general, the choice for every taste.

 mitsubishi l200 specifications reviews

Other advantages

As you can see, very goodpickup Mitsubishi L200 specifications. Fuel consumption is another advantage of the novelty. So, for example, with a 180-horsepower engine, the car consumes less than 9 liters of fuel per 100 "urban" kilometers. And along the route takes about 6.7 liters.

Still this car differs excellentlevel of noise insulation. In addition to the previously mentioned equipment, the novelty can boast of the "Start / Stop" button, access to the keyless compartment, "cruise", leather trim, adjustable steering column, and other useful options.

The 2016 pickup truck with the most powerful engine will cost about 2 million rubles.