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Daewoo Matiz: specifications, thought out before details

It’s hard for car enthusiasts tocrowded metropolis transport. Increasingly, the owners of iron horses are thinking about the compactness of the car, since parking problems are gaining momentum, and the mini-car can fit on a tiny patch.

Daewoo Matiz tuning
Speaking of small, compact cars, barelyDoes not everyone imagine Daewoo Matiz in his mind, whose technical characteristics allowed him to occupy his own niche in the car market? It is quite popular with car enthusiasts.

Often you can see, in addition to the basica complete set, also the added versions of Daewoo Matiz. Tuning, made by talented craftsmen, improves the performance of the machine. With it, you can transform a car by adding many additional options: from installing a cruise control system, erecting a luggage box on the roof to decorating cars with vinyl stickers.


Listing the standard for Daewoo Matizspecifications, can not be said about the charming exterior of a mini-car. The high degree of glazing, embodied in a rounded windshield that flows in the continuation of the hood, provides an extensive viewing angle from the driver's seat. Daewoo solid aerodynamic properties are provided by the convex lines of the hood. Side-view mirrors repeat the design of the car itself, all the details have a smooth form, creating harmony of the overall look of the car.

Daewoo Matiz Operation

Carefully thought out by the developers of Daewoo Matiztechnical specifications are aimed at ensuring the maximum level of security. Engineers of the Daewoo engineering concern have designed the body of this car so that the collapse area in a collision is minimal. This is also achieved due to the reinforced roof and thanks to the built-in power beams in the doors, preventing them from seizing, which provides passengers with increased safety in the event of a side impact. The fuel tank, made of high-tech plastic, is designed so that when the car overturns the fuel mixture does not leak and does not provoke a fire.


The operation of the Daewoo Matiz is also maximized.comfortable: in spite of its external compactness, the minicar is much more spacious than it might seem. A full-fledged four-seater vehicle has a luggage compartment of impressive size, and a folding rear seat back helps to organize the whole cargo hold.

Daewoo Matiz Specifications

Pleased and other inherent Daewoo Matiz technicalcharacteristics: the car is equipped with an engine value of 0.8 liters. At the request of the buyer, the car can be equipped with air conditioning, power windows and power steering.

Options Matiz Best implies a four-cylinder engine of 1 liter and with a capacity of 63 liters. with. A compact car in 12 seconds accelerates to 100 km / h.

Also included is a remote systemopening the trunk and fuel tank, central locking, radio with mp3 support, clock and electric windows. In the factory configuration provides fog lights, right exterior mirror with electric control, painted bumper, decorative caps and lighting the luggage compartment.