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Where do you get SNILS in St. Petersburg? Insurance number of the individual account

Today we have to find out where they getSNILS in St. Petersburg. In addition, we will try to study all the features of this document. After all, every citizen should be familiar with it. Without an insurance certificate to live in is problematic. This paper plays a huge role for the population.

where they receive a snails in St. Petersburg


What is called SUNS?This is a document that does not exceed the size of bank plastic. It is usually represented by a white-green laminated card. It contains information about a citizen who is listed in the insurance system of the Russian Federation.

Also at the top of the document is the SNILS number.This is a personal account located in the FIU database. Every citizen has his own. It does not change under any circumstances. The number of the insurance certificate is necessary for the search of data on the deductions of the citizen to the Pension Funds.

What for it is necessary?

To think about where they get SNILS in St. Petersburg,It is necessary only after full study of the document. Some are interested in the purpose for which a citizen should receive an insurance certificate. As we have already said, living in Russia is problematic without him.

Today, the insurance certificate must be in both adults and children. This paper helps:

  • prepare documents;
  • receive benefits and state support;
  • free of charge to be treated;
  • to issue social assistance;
  • to enter educational institutions;
  • to be registered in polyclinics.

In addition, the SNILS number and insurance certificate will be useful in calculating the pension. With their help you can find out about the deductions of citizens to the FIU. It is these funds that will form the future pension.

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Recipient categories

Who is eligible for insurance certificate? As already mentioned, such a paper should be in both adults and children.

Thus, among the recipients, the following categories of persons are distinguished:

  • newborns and minors;
  • children after 14 years;
  • adult citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • foreign citizens (adults and children).

Depending on the category of citizen's belonging, the list of documents necessary for processing the mentioned paper will change. About them will be told later.

Registering places

Where do they receive SILLS in St. Petersburg? Let's talk about specific places of reception later. To begin with, it is worthwhile to study this question in general terms.

In Russia, insurance certificates are issued today in multifunctional centers (including mobile ones), as well as in the FIU. The second variant of the development of events is more common in practice.

In some cases, the document may be applied to educational institutions and to the employer. But such decompositions in real life are extremely rare.

snails in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg

Can I use the Internet toregistration or replacement of SNILS? No, the population does not have such a chance. Portal "State Service" does not provide for today the registration of insurance "green cards" through the Internet.

For adults

Now a little about what documents will be useful for obtaining SNILS in St. Petersburg and not only. Let's start with the largest category of recipients - adult citizens of Russia.

They need to bring with them:

  • identification;
  • a certificate with a residence permit (in the case of a passport, additional papers with registration are not needed);
  • application for the issuance / exchange of insurance certificate.

If the document is exchanged, you will additionally have to submit:

  • old SNILS (if available);
  • documents that entailed the need to replace the paper.

In general, a minimum of paper red tape. In Russia, obtaining an insurance certificate is considered one of the simplest procedures.


SNILS for a child in St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia is also easy to get. Especially if you prepare in advance for the process.

As already emphasized, minors can be divided into 2 categories - children before and after 14 years. In the first case, parents should bring to the registering authority:

  • birth certificate;
  • a certificate indicating the registration of the child;
  • passport of one of the legal representatives;
  • application for the issuance of an insurance certificate, completed on behalf of the parent.

A little differently it is necessary to act, if it is a question of the child who has reached 14 years. From this age, children themselves can draw up some documents. And SnilS is no exception.

snails for the baby spb

Children after 14 must be referred to the registering authority:

  • passport;
  • document with a residence permit (if it is temporary);
  • the application form filled in its own name.

The list of documents is almost the same as that ofadults. In a few weeks the citizen will be able to pick up his SNILS in the registering body. Newborns are sometimes issued insurance certificates on the spot in a few minutes.

For foreign citizens

How to get the mentioned paper to a foreigner in Russia? To do this, an advanced package of documents is useful. Usually, bona fide foreigners do not have any problems with its formation.

So, for registration of the insurance certificate to the foreigner, it is necessary:

  • passports;
  • birth certificates (for children);
  • statements (in Russian);
  • certificates with registration;
  • migration cards.

In this case, the passport and certificates must be submitted with a translation into Russian, which is certified by a notary. Otherwise, there are no difficulties with getting paper.

MFC in St. Petersburg

Where do you get SNILS in St. Petersburg? Now that we have clarified all the features of this operation, you can pay attention to specific addresses. Let's start with the MFC. These services are in great demand among the population.

SNILS in Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg and other districts of the city can be registered at the following addresses:

  • Lane Training, 2А;
  • Prospect Grazhdansky, house 104;
  • Kotelnikov 2, building 2;
  • ul. Blessed, house 41;
  • street Tourist house 11, building 1.

This is not a complete list of MFCs in which this service is provided. In St. Petersburg, you can find more than 40 multifunctional centers. They are located almost on every street of the city!

snails saint petersburg


Where do you get SNILS in St. Petersburg? You can apply to the Pension Fund.

In St. Petersburg, FIUs are located at the following addresses:

  • Prospect of the People's Militia, house 207, building 1;
  • Palace avenue, house 30;
  • Prospect Nevsky, 153 G;
  • Serdobolskaya Street, 2 B;
  • ul. Shavrova, 1.

You can not call this list exhaustive. In any FIU, without any problems, they issue insurance certificates. And not only in St. Petersburg.