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How to learn SNILS for personal purposes or for work?

The abbreviated SNILS, introduced into use, is not alwaysnot everyone understands. About the pension insurance (as they call this document in everyday life) they know everything, but they are accustomed to treating it as something not particularly necessary. Meanwhile, there are often situations when the number of the individual account is simply necessary. And then the question arises before a person: how can you learn SNILS?

What is the SNILS number?

SNILS - insurance number of individual facialaccounts - a document that personifies the citizen in the system of pension and social insurance. At present, it is one of the basic necessary documents of a citizen of the Russian Federation, along with a passport, a policy and an INN. Without it, it is impossible to get a job, apply for a pension and even get medical services in state polyclinics. In the long term it is even planned that SNILS will replace both the insurance policy and the TIN. In addition, the SNILS number may be needed when registering with the public service. This is a fairly convenient portal for paying for public services, for ordering a foreign passport and TIN, obtaining information about necessary services and much more. Registration on the portal requires the introduction of a personal account number. Seeing an incomprehensible and yet not quite familiar concept, people often start to panic, believing that these are the next state bureaucratic "zamorochki", the purpose of which is once again to confuse citizens. Meanwhile, it is not at all difficult to learn SNILS. It is contained on the insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance - this is the green plastic card, the size of 11 by 8 cm, which most of the dust collects as unnecessary in the documents. On the personal data it contains personal information and the notorious number, which looks like the following sample: No. 181-174-261 11, where the first broken in triples are directly the account number, and the last two are the control number.

Find out your own number SNILS

Now it becomes clear that in order to learnits SNILS, it is enough just to find a pension insurance. Of course, if this document was previously received. Since 2011, SNILS is issued to children from birth, or rather - a month later, after receiving a birth certificate. For children born before the specified year, you can get SNILS by applying to the Pension Fund Department with the original of the birth certificate.

Adults can register SUNLS independently,also in the Pension Fund, where you must first fill out a special form. In one or two weeks, the certificate will be ready. Turning to the fund, do not forget your passport. In addition, SNILS can be obtained at your place of work: the deadline may be prolonged, but you will not need to go anywhere: you will fill out the questionnaire directly in the personnel department.

However, there are cases when SNILS alreadyreceived, but either lost, or handed over for re-registration (when changing personal data), or need, as they say, here and now, but not at hand. How to learn SNILS in this case?

Immediately make a reservation that, fortunately or unfortunately,To look a number in any basis through the Internet it is impossible. Because this information is personal and can not be posted to open access - this would be equivalent to publishing a person's passport data on the network. And still there are several ways to get the right number:

  1. SNILS is contained in letters from the pension fund. Everyone gets this at the end of the year with a report on pension savings.
  2. If you work, you can find out the pension certificate number from the employer, since SNILS is a compulsory document when applying for a job.
  3. If you worked earlier, and now you are fired, and the work book is in your hands, check its cover - there are often issues of SNILS and TIN numbers in the personnel departments.
  4. If it so happens that you have lost SNILS,You can learn it (and order a duplicate) in the Pension Fund. You can also apply if the insurance certificate is on renewal (for example, if you change your surname) or out of reach (for example, if you study or work in another city and do not bring documents with you).

How to find someone else's number of SNILS?

Accounting and HR department insurance numberAccounts are needed for the delivery of various reports. If the employee has already received a certificate, but has not yet had time to provide it to the employer, and the number is not on the back of the workbook, it will be possible to find out the SNILS by official request to the Pension Fund. It can be made by mail by sending a letter registered in the journal of correspondence (preferably a registered letter), indicating the position of the employee, the terms of his work, passport data and the TIN. If you are on good terms with a pension fund inspector, you can try to find out the number by phone or when you personally contact, but officially this method is prohibited, since it involves access to personal information of the employee.

In all other cases, it is impossible to recognize someone else’s pension insurance number.

Thus, learn SNILS in some singledatabase insurance numbers fail. It is necessary to look for either a pension certificate, or your number, which is preserved in various documents (labor, letter from the pension), or make a request directly to the pension fund.