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SNILS - what is it and why is it necessary?

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At the moment, there is not oneAn adult who does not have a certificate of pension insurance. Infants were also immediately brought into the general register of the Pension Fund, while issuing a card in the form of a small green rectangle.

SNILS - what is it? This question interests many people, because in real life this document is not the last place.

SNILS is a document that certifiesregistration of a person in the pension insurance system. It shows the person's name, date of birth and personal number of the pension account (the photo is not placed). Earlier SNILS was provided only with official employment, but after a number of federal programs, certificates were received both by non-working citizens and children.

Now, to receive benefits, parents have the right to make SUNS for a child of any age, even a newborn. The design procedure is very simple and does not take a lot of time.

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SNILS - the interpretation of this term means "insurance number of an individual account".

In addition, SNILS provides an opportunityto issue a special card in order to receive various services on state and municipal portals. These maps were introduced in 2012 and allow the population to simplify participation in various social programs. In the future it is planned that they will replace TIN, student tickets, medical policies, and many other documents.

SNIAS: what is it and where to get it?

The document can be issued:

  • in the branch of the Pension Fund at the place of residence;

  • through the organization in which you are employed;

  • through the Internet.

Registration of SNILS

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You can issue and receive a certificate for anya convenient case at your discretion. For this it is necessary to come to the PF with a passport and fill out the application form. After that, within 2 weeks you will be provided with SNILS.

At employment this document shouldarrange an organization. Within 2 weeks after the beginning of the employment contract, the organization must provide information to the Pension Fund about the new employee. In this case, the processing of all necessary documents will take about 3 weeks. Individual entrepreneurs need to issue a certificate in their own name.

What do you need to get SNILS for children?

To do this, one parent should apply to the Pension Fund and provide a list of the following documents (the child's presence is not required):

  • birth certificate;

  • passport if the child is more than 14 years old;

  • passport of one of the parents.

The term of preparation of documents will also be 2 weeks. However, it should be noted that in some regions children's SNILS can be formalized through kindergartens or schools.

Where can I find out about SNIALS?

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In addition, citizens can learn about SNILS thatthis is described above, on the Internet on a special state portal. There you can fill out an application for receiving it and send it to the Pension Fund for consideration. Then within 10 days a decision will be made about which you will be informed by mail or by e-mail. This service is provided absolutely free of charge and it can be used by both individuals and organizations. On the same site, you can enter your information and find out information on the SNILS.

Thus, any citizen can decide how convenient it will be for him to receive a certificate.

The grounds for refusing to issue SNILS may be incorrect data or the absence of mandatory information in the application.

What to do in case of loss of SUNLS?

If there is such a problem, then you need to submit an application for its renewal within a month:

  • the employer;

  • to the Pension Fund (if the citizen temporarily does not work or is a private entrepreneur).

A new document can be received within 30 days after the submission of the application.

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Changing the personal data of the SNILS: what is it?When the employee changes personal data (for example, the surname), the policyholder must submit updated information to the Pension Fund within 2 weeks. To do this, you need a statement to replace the insurance certificate. The territorial body changes certain data in an individual personal account and issues a new certificate with the same number.

Unemployed insured persons must personally apply to the Pension Fund to fill in the required application.

Decision to refuse to replace insurancethe certificate or the issuance of its duplicate is accepted by the Pension Fund in the absence of the personal account in the system with the insurance number specified in the application or if the information specified in the application does not correspond with the data contained in the personal account.

Who has access to the information contained in the personal account?

Data on the certificate are confidential and are used solely for the purpose of providing and compulsory health insurance.

Why SNILS serviceman?

If the serviceman is engaged along with the serviceor after its termination other paid activity (for example, pedagogical or scientific), then the necessary pension contributions are paid from the income. After reaching the recognized retirement age and entering a deserved rest, the right to insurance part of the labor pension will be determined.

Is it necessary to have SNILS with participation in the program of state co-financing?

To become a member of this program you need to be registered as an insurance person.

SNILS is compulsory:

  • at job placement;

  • for the creation of pension savings and in cases of state support;

  • when receiving maternity capital;

  • to receive various social services and benefits;

  • when receiving a pension, etc.

Since the beginning of 2012, compulsory registration inthe system of pension insurance is subject to foreign citizens, stateless persons, as well as temporarily on the territory of the country, who have concluded an employment contract for a long time.