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Where can I change SUNLS? Basic nuances

Quite often, citizens are interested in wherechange SUNLS. It is not so easy to answer unequivocally as it seems. After all, the modern population is offered quite a lot of alternative solutions. Some concepts do not have, where in general the document is drawn up in advance and what you need to bring with you for this. It will also be interesting and useful to understand the reasons for the replacement of the document. After all, SNILS is an extremely important document. Especially for children and pensioners. So what will it be useful to learn about this paper?

SNILS is ...

Before thinking about where to change SNILS, it is importantgenerally have an idea of ​​what kind of document in question. It is likely that it is not subject to re-registration. Or absent from one or another citizen.

where to change snails

SNILS is an insurance pension certificate. Presented as a small laminated green map, which contains some information. Namely:

  • date of issue;
  • Owner's name;
  • the sex of the citizen;
  • number of the insurance account;
  • date of birth.

The document is needed to obtain stateservices and registration of a pension. A very important paper. A kind of proof of registration of a citizen in the pension system of the Russian Federation. It is issued from birth. To date, even a health insurance policy can not be issued without SNILS. That's why people think where to change it or design it first.


How long does SNILS work? This question is also of interest to many citizens. After all, it is prohibited to use expired documents according to the rules established in Russia.

SNILS operates perpetually.But this document from time to time still have to change. Not all and not often, but there are a number of reasons why it is necessary to produce a new insurance certificate.

where you can change the snails

Reasons for replacement

When is this operation required? There are not so many reasons. Among them are:

  • loss of SNILS;
  • damage to the document;
  • damage;
  • change of personal data (most often surnames).

In all these cases, it is necessary to apply to certain authorities with a specific list of documents in order to make an exchange of SNILS. In fact, everything is not so difficult. But where can I change the SNILS?

Pension Fund

The first place in which the issuingof this document, as well as its replacement, is the Pension Fund. Both the territorial body and the FIU. It is in this organization that the request is addressed.

As a rule, you can pick up a new documentapproximately in 2 weeks from the moment of submission of the application of the established sample. A new copy is issued upon presentation of the identity card. Nothing difficult or special. Search for the exact department of the Pension Fund is required in each locality separately. This is the fastest and simplest version of the development of events.

where to change the snails to St. Petersburg


Where can I change SUNLS?Working citizens can go a little different way. They do not need to contact the FIU themselves for the operation. It is enough to apply with a request and a certain list of documents (about it a little later) to your employer.

You can either go to the accounts department, ordirectly to the director of the company. Within a few days the employer must inform about the change of this or that information of his employee. And in 2-3 weeks it will be possible to get a new SNILS at work. Not the most popular way, but it takes place.


Where can I change SUNLS?The next body that will help to solve the task is a multifunctional center. It is available in almost every village. It is necessary for the population to receive state and municipal services with special convenience and in one place.

The principle of circulation is similar.It is enough to collect a set of documents of the standard form, write an application and wait. No additional spending or paperwork. True, it is often time to wait for the new SNILS to take a long time, more than 2 weeks. It all depends on the workload of the organization.

The receipt of the document is made without difficulty withthe provision of identity documents. Only the owner can pick up the finished SNILS in any of the previously listed places. Or a citizen by proxy. As an option - the parent of a minor.

Internet and SNILS

It is clear where to change SNILS in this or that case.Many are wondering whether it can be done via the Internet. For example, through the portal "State services". After all, many documents are processed now through this service.

The answer is simple - no.The Pension Fund of Russia assures that the application for registration or re-issue of the pension certificate of a citizen is not provided. Therefore, no service will really allow you to use the service. All the proposals that occur are deception.

For children

And what about the children? Where can I change my child to SNILS?There are fewer options than adults, but there are plenty to choose from. To date, you can obtain a primary insurance certificate or replace it in the following bodies:

  • Pension Fund.
  • MFC.

Also sometimes this operation is carried out in the registry offices,but only for children under 14 years. It is not worth hoping for such a situation. It is best to contact one of these bodies yourself. Children through the Internet SNILS, too, will not be able to order.

where to change the snails in Moscow

What is changing

Now a little about what informationre-issue of the document will change. This is a rather interesting question, exciting for every person. Some are inclined to believe that when you change the SNILS, the number of the citizen's personal account changes. In fact, this is not so.

The number in any case remains unchanged.It is assigned to every person once in a lifetime. Under no circumstances does not change. SNILS when replacing contains the same account number. But the other information will change. Most often these are personal data of a citizen. Namely - name or surname. No more data of SNILS can be changed.


Where can I change the TIN, SNILS and other documents? In the MFC! There, as in any other body, a citizen must bring a certain package of papers to replace the SNILS. What exactly is useful?

Adults, adult citizens submit to one of the previously listed places:

  • Identity card (passport);
  • document-basis for entering data (for example, a certificate of marriage / divorce, not necessarily);
  • application form;
  • old copy of SNILS (if available).

In the case of children, the list changes slightly. But, as a rule, he does not bring any special troubles or inconveniences.

Children to replace the SNILS require:

  • the passport of the parent;
  • a statement on behalf of a legal representative;
  • SNILS child (if any);
  • birth certificate of a minor;
  • the passport of the child (for children from 14 years);
  • document-basis for the replacement of data (if available).

Nothing more is required.This list of documents is provided both during the initial production of the SNILS (without a basis for replacement) and when it is replaced. Nothing complicated. It is much more difficult to find specific places of treatment in a particular city.

where to change the inn snails


Where to change SUNLS in Moscow?The organs remain the same. But many citizens are interested in specific addresses. Where can they go? This is an important moment, every resident of the capital must know about it.

Where to change SUNLS in Moscow? Addresses are offered as follows:

  • Pavla Andreeva St., Building 28, Building 7;
  • Bolshaya Pochtovaya street, 40;
  • Vorontsovskaya street, house 21;
  • Tverskoy Boulevard, Building 18, Building 2;
  • Small Zlatoustinskiy lane, house 3, building 2.

These are only branches of the FIU, and that is not all. More precise information is better specified in the Pension Fund. They will definitely say where to turn to a specific resident. Much depends on the area of ​​residence.

And you can contact the MFC. There are many similar organizations in Moscow. Therefore, it is worth paying attention only to those that are directly in the center of the city.

For example, it is suggested to contact the following addresses:

  • Yakimansky pereulok, 6;
  • Smolensky boulevard, 24, building 2;
  • Lane Sivtsev Vrazhek, 20;
  • Bakhrushin Street, 13;
  • Lane Nastasinsky, 7.

where to change snails in orenburg


Where to change SUNLS in Orenburg? Another issue that interests residents. As in the previous case, it is proposed to go to either the MFC or the FIU.

Accordingly, you can apply to the addresses (Pension Funds):

  • Prospekt Pobedy, 24;
  • Sovetskaya street, 7.

MFC can be found from the following coordinates:

  • Sharlik highway, 1/2;
  • Raskovoy Street, 10A building;
  • Svobodina Lane, house 4.


And where to change SNILS in Novosibirsk? There are quite a few options. But they are all limited to the same organizations as before. That is multifunctional centers, as well as the Pension Funds of Russia.

FIU can be found at:

  • the area of ​​Labor, house 1;
  • Inska street, house 122;
  • Dzerzhinsky Ave., Building 12/1;
  • street Dusi Kovalchuk, house 276.

Also on the area of ​​Labor, in house 1, there isMultifunctional Center. So far, in the city there is only one such organization. And this must be taken into account. But there are still many branches of the Pension Fund of Russia. It is recommended to specify in some parts of the city more precise information about where the branch of the organization is located, which is suitable for the replacement of SNILS.

where to change the snails in Moscow addresses


Now it is clear where to change the SNILS. In St. Petersburg it is proposed to apply to the following addresses (the list is not exhaustive):

  • School, 10;
  • Krasny Kursanta street, 28;
  • Prospect Novocherkassk, house 60A;
  • Sofiyskaya, house 47, building 1;
  • Shuvalovsky Avenue, 41;
  • Glinka Street, 8;
  • Prospect Energetikov, house 60, building 2;
  • Serdobolskaya, 2B;
  • street Toly Komchaka, house 15А.