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SNILS is the key to many public services

Documents are different:some of them are kept at home for years and are not pulled out of the folders, while others need to be carried constantly. In my purse there are always three documents: a passport, a medical policy and SNILS. It is clear that a passport is needed to verify the identity of a person, without a policy it is impossible to get free medical care, but what for SNILS is needed for?

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It's no secret that SNILS is the numberpersonal account of a person in the mandatory pension insurance system, which is indicated on a green plastic card. This account accumulates all the data on the seniority, contributions and deductions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, which will be needed for the calculation and calculation of pensions. But so far many can not understand why SNLS is needed for people who not only have not reached retirement age, but also do not plan to start working? After all, it must be registered even for newborn children.

The fact is that SNILS is a "key" from manystate and municipal services. The number written on the card is the personal identifier of the citizen. It consists of eleven digits and is unique. At present, it is not necessary to seat the thresholds of numerous instances, make an appointment with a doctor or take turns in a kindergarten through the Internet. If you need to register at your place of residence, obtain a foreign passport or replace your driver's license, you do not need to waste time in long lines. It is enough to fill out the required forms on the "State Service" portal, and then come to the right organization at the appointed time. But without a number with a green plastic card to enter this site will not work. SNILS is your login on this Internet portal.

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The authorities plan to soon createuniversal electronic card for citizens, which will replace such documents as TIN, medical policy, pension certificate. All benefits will be provided for it and benefits will be transferred to it. And the number of universal citizen card will be SNILS.

How to find out the SNILS number, if you do not have one at handgreen plastic card? To do this, you need to go to the same portal of the "State Service" and enter your passport details, after that the system will inform the number of the insurance certificate, which is the SNLS.

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Thus, it becomes obvious that the SNILS -It is a document that must necessarily be held. The field of its application has long gone beyond the limits of the pension sphere. Working citizens who do not yet have an insurance certificate can apply for it through the personnel department of their organization. Schoolchildren fill in the required forms in the educational institution, the younger children in the kindergarten. All other categories of the population need to fill out an application for the issuance of a document in the Pension Fund department for residence. The insurance certificate is issued once and for life, the reason for replacing the SNILS is a change of name. In case of loss of the certificate, you should also apply to the Russian Federation branch and issue a new card. It is produced and is changing SNILS within a month.