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Why do children SNILS in kindergarten and school? Why do you need SNILS newborn baby?

After the appearance of the baby, parents receiveevidence is the basic document of a small person. When a child reaches a certain age, he gets a passport. In addition to the baby, you need to draw up another card, indicating that he passed mandatory pension insurance. Every small citizen has his own SNILS. What it is? Let's try to understand.

Basic information

Some parents do not understand why SNILS is neededA newborn child, if he is still disabled. The availability of insurance certificate for today is necessary for children to receive social and medical services. This document is simply necessary for the child. Without presentation of an insurance certificate, no services will be provided to the child by the state. Also, medical insurance can not be issued without this card. That's why the children SINLIS.

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During pension insurance in the cardmust necessarily specify a personal number, which plays a key role. It is advisable to specify the SNILS during the formation of the registers of persons who can benefit from social and medical benefits. These include free public transport services, the receipt of medicines, as well as the right to substantial benefits for trips to the sanatorium.

There is one more point, which explains,why do children SNILS. This number at times will make it easier to obtain the necessary documentation required by any government agency, and will also speed up the receipt of monthly payments to the baby.

What is necessary to get SNILS newborn?

To issue an insurance number to a child, parentsit is necessary to apply to the local fund for the payment of pensions with a passport in which the propiska is indicated. You need to have a document with you, which will allow you to identify the person, as well as a certificate of his birth of the baby. On the spot you will need to write an application in an arbitrary form for the assignment of the insurance number to the child. Seven working days after the documents are handed over, parents will receive a small plastic card with the personal data of the small citizen.

Preschool age

Absolutely all state pre-schoolinstitutions require parents to provide a copy of the SNILS document. Without this baby it is impossible to arrange for a school. And again the question arises, why do children SNILS in the garden or other educational institution? The answer is simple. The state kindergarten (or school) receives subsidies for each child, and they are charged from the budget. Also, the above-mentioned document is necessary for processing medical insurance. It is on the number line of SNILS that the child is identified, to which money is allocated from the budget. Registration of the account number is necessary for conducting office work in the school.

Maximum availability

Pension insurance is mandatory withbirth was introduced not so long ago. For children who did not have the SNILS card, the pension funds, in conjunction with the kindergarten administration, carry out an action that allows parents to fill out the documents directly in the kindergarten without visiting the foundation's institutions. Subsequently, they are issued a plastic card.

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Parents were able to get a detailed answer to theThe question is why SNILS child in kindergarten. The presence of the document gives the child the right to receive medicines free of charge, while on inpatient treatment. Owners of SNILS have the right and monthly subsidies for children with disabilities. The children are included in the general list with the aim of participating in various state programs of the social plan.

Why should the children SNIALS in school?

Reason for requiring a copy of the documentis identical to the one in the garden. SNILS is needed for internal data turnover in an institution of educational type. Again, for each child who goes through training, the school acquires books and teaching materials, allocates subsidies for meals to children of large and low-income families. The state has developed and implemented many more preferential programs for schoolchildren and educational institutions located in different regions of the country.

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When asked why the SNILS children, people can hearanswer from any teacher. Any school teacher or social worker will provide an explanation of the various nuances associated with obtaining benefits that are prescribed by law. This personal number is needed in order to be able to use public services. With the help of a document, for example, you can quickly issue a passport. To do this, the application will only need to enter the number of its SNILS. The entry of information about work during a summer work in the summer vacations also can not do without the personal insurance number of a minor citizen.

Registration of insurance personal number to the child of school age

The guardian can draw up a card any day.The presence of a child who is under the age of 14 is optional. The format of registration is always the same: the passport of the guardian, the application, the copy and the original of the birth certificate of the child. Many schools solve the problem centrally, collect the documentation in the school and submit the lists to the pension fund, which makes it simpler. For parents who doubt the feasibility of this enterprise, there is a hotline. Having called, it is possible to ask a question: "What for in school demand СНИЛС on the child?", And to be convinced of legality and good intentions of educational institution.

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Obligatory compulsory receipt of a cardSNILS will simplify some procedures. For example, there is no need to make out a medical insurance policy. Starting from the age of fourteen, the children will undergo regular medical examinations every year, and the school will have its own database. Not all children learn at the place of residence. The insurance number will be able to find out all the information about the student, regardless of his whereabouts. That's why SNILS child at school. Insurance number will simplify many procedures, save time and money.

Why do children need SILLS by law?

Mass forced introduction of insurancecards are just a step towards replacing all documents with one. The state plans to launch Universal Electronic Cards (UEC). Such a document will contain all the necessary information about a person. It will be possible to apply it in a wider range than envisaged by the SNILS. With the help of UEC, a child can easily use the card and pay for travel on public transport or meals at school.

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It should be noted that on such a map asIn general, information is kept about the progress of a particular student, as well as all visits to a doctor. In fact, this is all the necessary information. The other side of the coin will be total observation by parents and state services for minors. How good and justified this system is, time will tell. But at the moment it is necessary as soon as possible to make out a map of SNILS, so that the child does not have any difficulties when applying to any state structures.

Features of obtaining SNILS

This document is issued once for a lifetime andchanges only when changing the last name, but the number remains the same. To replace the accompanying data, you need to submit an application with an attached old card, as well as a certificate of marriage or divorce, depending on the reason for changing the document. The absence of a certificate of pension insurance leads to the fact that the length of service of a person and accumulation will not be taken into account in the formation of a pension after reaching a certain age. If a person has lost his SNILS, he must apply to the pension fund to restore the document within a month.

Receipt of insurance personal number after 14 years

Children at the age of fourteen canto receive SILLS independently. You can also get it when you first start working. The document must be issued by all citizens of the state, even those who do not reside on the territory of the country. Also, people living in the territory of the state and having another citizenship can obtain the insurance number.

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For adults and children who live in the territoryRussia, the design of SNILS is mandatory. In order to understand the situation, to understand why it is important for immigrants to issue pension insurance in a timely manner, how to receive it, and what it can guarantee, you can get a specialist consultation in the nearest social service.

Online consultation

Currently very popularonline advice on insurance matters. People are wondering why the children of the SNILS, how to get it to people who are not citizens of the country. Online consultations are confidential and available to all users. Specialists of this profile will share the necessary information, help to solve non-standard issues.

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All documents in another language must betranslated and notarized. Where to turn to solve this problem, experts in online mode or social workers can also tell. If a person plans to acquire citizenship and continue to reside on the territory of the country, a map of SNILS is needed for him and his children.

All owners of the insurance number can passregistration on the website of public services and access to the extended statement of your personal account. A user-friendly interface will allow you to track all actions on your personal card. The individual digital combination of SNILS is confidential information, only employees of the social service and the cardholder have access to it.