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Replacement of SNILS with a change of surname after marriage

One of the most urgent topics for most womenis the change of name. The fact is that if it took place, after the marriage, it is necessary to replace not only the passport, but also other documents. Replacement of SUNS after marriage with a change of surname is a mandatory process. How and where can I change my pension certificate?

replacement snails when changing the name

SNILS is ...

What is SNILS?Literally this abbreviation is deciphered as "insurance number of an individual personal account". In other words, each citizen is assigned an account number, which collects all the data about which employer and how long the citizen worked, what funds were transferred to the pension fund. Based on this information, a future labor pension is being formed. Each citizen must have a certificate, even if he is a minor.

The pension certificate is executed in the form ofa small laminated green card. Its size is slightly larger than that of a normal bank card. On the certificate, the following data are mandatory:

  • Name of the owner;
  • floor;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Place of Birth;
  • insurance account (its number);
  • date when the citizen was registered in the insurance program.

Is replacement required?

Replacement of SUNLS when changing the surname isnecessary and mandatory procedure. At the same time, not only the card itself is replaced, but information about the participant of the pension insurance program is also being changed. Nevertheless, the combination of personal account numbers remains unchanged, since it is individual and assigned to every Russian once for life. Replacement of SUNLS when changing the surname is mandatory, since the information in it must completely coincide with the passport data.

documents to replace the snails

Ways to replace evidence

Although the procedure is important and compulsory, it is carried out quite simply and quickly. There are 3 ways to replace it, namely:

  • direct appeal to the local branch of the pension fund;
  • appeal to the employer;
  • request through the portal "State Service."

Now we will consider in detail each of them.

replacement snails through public services

Visit to the pension fund

First, you need to find the nearest branch of the Russian Federation in your locality, after which you personally come there. At itself it is necessary to have the following documents for the replacement of SNILS:

  • citizen passport of a Russian citizen with a new surname;
  • certificate of marriage;
  • the previous "green card".

Directly in the office these documentsit is necessary to transfer the employee of the fund, and then fill in the application form for the replacement of the certificate with him. In the office you will be prompted by all the details of filling out the form. Usually it requires the following information:

  • Name, which was indicated in the previous certificate;
  • new name;
  • floor;
  • addresses of places of residence and residence;
  • personal data from a valid passport (new).

If the citizen does not have the opportunityto make an application independently for good reasons (for example, in case of illness, pregnancy, official travel), it can be done by another person by proxy or by the employer.

replacement period snails

Replacement through employer

Replacement of SUNLS when replacing a passport can beimplemented through the employer. This opportunity can be used by every employed citizen. The employer is also the insurer of its employees, therefore, the implementation of this procedure is its direct duty. To replace the pension certificate in this case, the package of documents described above is required. However, the procedure takes a little longer than with a personal appeal to the RF PF. Former SNILS will need to be handed over only upon receipt of a new certificate. The employee must check the numbers of personal accounts on both documents, they must completely coincide. It is important to note that when submitting an application in this way to the standard package of documents, it is necessary to attach their inventory.

what you need to replace the snails

Replacement of SNILS through "State services"

Undoubtedly, many are interested in the question:and can I replace a pension certificate through a public service website? Alas, this is not yet possible. The fact is that the RF PF is very wary of such innovations. However, this situation is unlikely to have a positive effect on the work of the fund, since about half of all appeals to this organization are directly related to the replacement of certificates and the receipt of their duplicates. But the management of the pension fund argues that the individual personal account is strictly confidential information, therefore any operations with the certificate through Internet sites are prohibited. Over the past decade, the agency has repeatedly stated that it will consider this problem and simplify the procedure for issuing new SNILS.

replacement snails after marriage

The term of replacing SNILS

If you personally contact the pension fund withthe application for the replacement of the SNILS, the term for the production of the new certificate will be exactly 10 working days. That is, after 2 weeks you will receive a new pension certificate. If, however, the replacement of SNILS with the change of name is carried out by the employer, at least 2 times more time will be required. The employer must transfer it to the PF within 2 weeks after receiving the application. Accordingly, the period for manufacturing a new certificate will take another 2 weeks. After this, the new SNILS will be sent to the employer, so it will take some time.

replacement fell off when you replace your passport

Useful recommendations

Some Russians are of the opinion that,that if they already own the SNILS, then with the replacement of this document due to the change of personal data, you can wait a little. However, this approach is erroneous.

What happens in practice?The employer makes monthly contributions to the RF PF. If payments are received on the personal account, despite the fact that the name of the employee has been changed, the deductions can "get lost". Thus, the funds will not be credited to the account, which will affect the amount of future labor pension.

It should also be noted that the oldThe certificate will never return to the previous owner - it will be recycled. Therefore, it is best to make a copy before submitting an application for its replacement. Otherwise, you will have to re-apply to the fund at the time of the production of the new document.

Before submitting documents for the replacement of "greencard ", you must first get a passport with a new surname. To force this process by simultaneous submission of documents to the FMS and PF of the Russian Federation is simply meaningless. According to the current legislation, the period of replacing the SNILS is 14 days after making changes to the personal data. However, there are no penalties for delay.

The application form must be strictly established, namely ADV-2. Blots and corrections in the application are inadmissible. It is recommended to fill out the form in the presence of a specialist of the pension fund.

If errors are detected in the new SNLS,fill out the ADV-9 form and return the certificate for a second replacement. It is also recommended to check not only the account number, but also personal data.

Cost of the procedure

Replacement of SNILS with a change of name is madeabsolutely free. The same rule applies when there has not been a timely replacement of the certificate. However, it is not necessary to delay the procedure with the procedure.

Thus, the procedure for replacing thesimple and fast. In addition, the package of necessary documents is minimized. What do you need to replace the SNILS? Passport with a new surname, certificate of marriage and former pension certificate. The production period for the new document is 2 weeks. Penalties for delay in replacement of the certificate are not provided for by law.