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Tattoo "Owl": meaning and symbolism

For many peoples of the world, the tattoo "Owl" is importantextremely negative. It is considered a symbol of dark forces, which are activated at night. Even today, she is able to bring fear to anyone. A bird with eyes shining in the night and a terrible cry that leads a nocturnal life is a rather strange creature. Maybe that's why most owls in the world have a symbol of evil and is the most terrible sign.

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The positive and negative value of the tattoo "Owl"

But not all peoples consider this bird so ominoussymbol. There are also those for whom it is a symbol of wisdom and is considered the best amulet. Such people are the Indians. And among the Hindus, it symbolizes a high spirituality. But in other nations there are no such positive traits in a bird. So, the Celts consider the owl a symbol of death. And in ancient China, she personified evil, crime and death. It was even said that young owls gnawed at their own mothers. In Africa there are still legends that owls dance on the witches' Sabbath. And so on ad infinitum. Virtually no nationality did not consider the owl a good sign and a sweet creature. But modern interpretations have changed greatly and began to bear positive significance.

And what does the tattoo "Owl" mean?

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The meaning of a tattoo is perceived precisely in thatcontext in which she is depicted, as well as in the manner of the artist's image. Why is this so ambiguous symbol so often inflicted on the body of young people? They perceive it as a sign of wisdom, mystery and intimidation. By the way, most often tattoo "Owl" can be found on the body of a person who himself leads a nocturnal lifestyle or expresses a desire to conquer the girl's heart. In Russia, the owl became a symbol of wisdom. But why exactly, if it is so terrible and mysterious? The roots of this sign come from ancient Greece, where this bird was depicted next to the goddess Athena. And she, as you know, is the keeper of wisdom. It was from here that the expression "smart owl" was used everywhere. And the image of a bird on scrolls or a pile of books became a symbol of many educational institutions of that time. It was from there that the symbol of the owl came to us as a wise and just adviser. And so today the tattoo "Owl" has the most favorable meaning. It symbolizes clarity of thoughts and strength of mind. And besides it is a powerful talisman for the mind.

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Tattoo "Owl" meaning is the most direct andimmediate knowledge and strength of mind. But nevertheless it is worth noting the main thing, it is considered a female symbol. Maybe that's because so often women make such a tattoo. It is performed on the chest or shoulder, while not only in shades of black, but also in all colors. And in general, given its ambiguous interpretation, we can say with full confidence that nothing special this tattoo does not mean. Everyone who makes this beautiful and slightly mysterious picture on his body, interprets it in his own way. Someone makes such a tattoo for beauty, and someone tries to show that his life is shrouded in mystery and darkness. There are also those who inflict an owl on the body as a symbol of wisdom and a rich life experience.