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What does Cosmos tattoo mean?

Space has always beckoned with its unknownness.It is likely that this is the reason that tattoos of such themes are very popular. As a rule, people who paint such images on their bodies are dreamers, although some realists also choose these interesting images. Cosmos tattoo is done on different parts of the body (on arms, legs, shoulders, abdomen, back and others).

Since ancient times, it is believed that space is the embodiment of reason. But, besides this, it is also a symbol of tranquility and orderliness. Hence it becomes clear what the tattoo Cosmos means.


A picture depicting heavenly bodies denotes the desire for inner and outer harmony.

When a person stuffs a Cosmos tattoo on his body, it means that he is going to understand the significance of his own self (internal) or to get beyond understanding the scale of the world.

Space Tattoo

As a rule, tattoos depicting planetsthey choose to emphasize their "beginning". If the body depicts the Sun, then the possessor is endowed with power and energy. Stylization of the moon speaks about the fulfillment of desires.

What elements are used?

Symbols of the planets in ancient times denoted theirspheres of influence. For example, if you make a Cosmos tattoo on which Mercury will be depicted, then help in communication and business awaits you. Do you want to make things better love? Then make a tattoo with the image of Venus.

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If there is a Sun on your tattoo, then it symbolizes strength, youth, power and fertility. The female beginning is personified by the Moon and the Earth, and the male one is the Sun.

In addition to the planets, can be depicted on the bodystars and constellations. If you are planning to make an interesting tattoo Cosmos, then know that the stars symbolize luck, fertility, health, immortality and luck. Although it is more accurate to say what this design means, it is impossible, since everything depends on the species. Stars are found in many religions and cultures, but they are not tied to anything specific, and therefore are considered universal images.

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Cosmos tattoo means the mystery and wisdom of the universe itself. Therefore, those who stuff such images on their bodies understand intuitively their close connection with the universe.

A small conclusion

Now you know what the Cosmos tattoo means.The exact meaning of this figure depends on what is shown, as well as on the place of application. Do you want to stand out? Then pay attention to such a tattoo.