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"Filin" - a tattoo for the most intelligent and stylish

Owls and owls are birds, unique in many respectsfeatured. They can turn their heads 270 degrees, and also have excellent eyesight, allowing them to hunt at night. These birds can boast incredibly effective appearance. That is why many tattoo fans choose for themselves drawings on which there is an owl. Tattoos with this feather are often made for beauty, but sometimes they have a profound meaning.

Owl or owl?

Owl Tattoo
Many people, far from ornithology, believe thatan owl is a male of any kind of owl. We hurry to surprise you, this opinion is fundamentally wrong. In fact, an owl is a separate species of birds from the family of owls. Distinguish its large size and some other features. Accordingly, the tattoo "Filin" has a slightly different meaning than the sketches depicting owls. But how to understand what kind of bird is depicted on a tattoo with such a strong visual similarity? The easiest way to ask about the tattoo of its owner. Images of eagles are most often chosen by men who wish to emphasize not only their own mind and uniqueness, but also their gender. You can meet this bird in female tattoos, on the bodies of women who are purposeful and strong in spirit.

The value of the symbol

"Filin" - tattoo, which is often chosen asa symbol of the mind and wisdom. And indeed, it is these qualities that we usually endow all members of the order of the owls without exception. It is believed that these birds are calm and reasonable. According to the beliefs of some peoples, the owls can boast and have an impressive life expectancy. And this means that the image of this bird can be considered one of the symbols of immortality. Tattoos with birds of prey often make people strong and independent or willing to become so. This value is especially clearly seen in the case when a hunting or free-floating owl is depicted. A tattoo with such a plot can also be symbolized by conscious loneliness, chosen at will.

Modern tattoos with owl

Tatoo Owl
Sketches with owls are most often performed inrealistic style. Occasionally you can find stylized pictures. From today's popular tattoos with owl owls are distinguished by a more brutal and always serious look. These birds are depicted sitting on branches, during flight or hunting. At the request of the customer, the drawing can be supplemented with some elements that help to convey its meaning more accurately. If for you "Owl" - a tattoo, symbolizing wisdom, you can depict a bird in glasses. No less spectacular is the bird sitting on a pile of books or holding a scroll in their hands. Owl, depicted during the flight or hunting, can emphasize the independence and fearlessness of the owner of the tattoo.