/ / Tattoo on the shoulder "armor" - a symbol of courage and chivalry ideals

Tattoo on the shoulder "armor" - a symbol of courage and chivalry ideals

For many centuries, the decoration of his bodywith the help of a tattoo does not lose its relevance. Choosing a tattoo that will "live" on your body for the rest of your life, you should carefully consider not only the drawing, but also to know its meaning.

armor tattoo

Tattoo "Armor"

This type of drawing is chosen most oftenrepresentatives of the strong half of humanity. The tattoo on the shoulder is "armor" - a symbol of courage and chivalry. Armor was always needed by true soldiers, they defended them in battle and made them invulnerable to enemies. Armor is a kind of amulet carved on the body.

Experts say that people who do not havesome qualities of character, stuffing a certain type of tattoo, they acquire these. The tattoo on the shoulder "armor" also symbolizes pride and nobility. Getting on the shoulder, such a tattoo automatically makes a person more visible, free from prejudice.

According to some sources, the tattoo "armor" on the shoulder, the meaning of which basically boils down to chivalry and courage, may have other interpretations:

  • Resistance to life cataclysms.
  • Impenetrability.
  • Unbending in difficult situations.
  • Increased commitment.
  • Willingness to stand up to the end for their principles and life ideals.

Features of the tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder "armor" requires a mastertransmission of maximum realism. Choosing this type of drawing, you should carefully select and the master. It is better to spend time, but to find an experienced specialist, rather than "be led" to a low price or a quick result.

armor tattoo on shoulder value

The main place for applying this kind oftattoos, as we have already said - it's a shoulder. Quite often armor and armor continues on the forearm, leaving on the back or chest. When choosing a sketch, you can create a drawing yourself or together with a master, or you can give preference to an already existing ornament.

As for the color design, herevariants of mass. The tattoo on the armor armor can be both bright colored and restrained black and white. Quite often, masters use in creating such a tattoo of steel or bronze paint, creating a more realistic effect.